Celine Fluo Pink Nano vs. Mini **would love your thoughts and comments**


Celine Fluo Pink Mini vs Nano or BOTH?

  1. Be happy with the Fluo Pink Nano and stop searching completely for the Mini!

  2. Mini in Fluo Pink is a MUST HAVE even if I have the Nano already...keep searching 100%!!

  3. It's great to have the Nano in Fluo Pink, don't keep searching like crazy, but if a Mini comes thru

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  1. Sooo, as many of you know, I went thru this whole thing with Kirna Zabete with the Celine Mini in Fluo Pink (which I will update on that thread right after this) but long story short, my full prepayment for the bag back in Oct/Nov ended up with me not having a Celine Mini in Fluo Pink since they miscalculated their order somehow and just informed me yesterday afternoon that I would be getting a refund but no bag.

    And now, ofcourse the Celine price increase just happened so the Mini I prepaid for at $2000 usd is now $2400 usd AND not to mention, basically impossible to find since they sold out before they even hit sales floors and unless one gets returned or a miracle batch gets sent from Celine again...eBay is the only option (where they're selling for close to $3000 usd).

    Thankfully, I had a Celine Fluo Pink Nano already rung up at Neiman Marcus and being held for me there--my SA at NM had gotten it in a couple weeks back but I wasnt 100% I would keep both a nano AND a mini in Fluo Pink--good thing I had her ring it up though cos I was certain I would have my Mini from Kirna Zabete.

    So now...I am wondering, should I keep trying to hunt down the Mini in Fluo Pink (I feel like theres a 50% chance I'll find it thanks to all the wonderful Celine tpfers whom have messaged me and given me heads up on places/SAs to try for it...so far no luck yet)?


    Should I just be happy with the Nano in Fluo Pink and leave it at that?

    I know some of you said the Fluo Pink is so electric and neon of a color and that in a Mini it was overwhelming, that's not such a concern for me since I LOVE bright/electric colors and I LOVE huge bags.

    The only thing is I am worried that the Mini in Fluo Pink may just remind me of the whole drama with Kirna Zabete (subconsciously)...not sure if it would but if it did, it wouldnt be so great, right? LOL

    And I've been into the designer bags, shoes, rtw for awhile now, I'm not an expert or veteran at it by any means, but I have also learned that in all the years I've gone thru the "must haves" and there have been very very very few "must have" items I missed out on and was never able to find via consignment shops or eBay. And if I DID love it loads, I'd also have paid the premium prices for it on the secondary market. What I mean is, maybe the Nano in Fluo Pink is great enough cos there may be other bags/colors I'll find later in that color or to replace the missing spot for the Mini?

    Would love everyones's thoughts and comments on this....

    (BTW, I've never seen/touched the Mini bag in any color cos they're always sold out, and I've also never seen the fluo pink color in person in any Celine piece)...

  2. Sounds like you're never gunna be satisfied without the pink mini, so I say keep searching! I know you'll be able to get one! It'll be so worth it :yes:
  3. My vote goes to "It's great to have the Nano in Fluo Pink, don't keep searching like crazy, but if a Mini comes thru get it...". Don't drive yourself crazy, I think you will get your flou pink mini!
  4. ^^haha thanks girlies!! i really appreciate it...you have all been super amazing helping alert me to possible SAs/Stores to check on the Fluo Pink Mini...really really love you guys!! xoxo
  5. I love the nano! I think with that much color the pink is better on that size. My guess is that the fluo pink though very "hot" now is probably going to be available via reseller/consignment/eBay etc later on. It is a trendier color and that way if you get over the trend, you wont have that larger bag and if you are still into the color later on, I'm sure you will find it on sale.
  6. Agreed. It sounds like you really like the fluo pink. Why not take the nano for now, and if a mini pops up in the future you can always sell your nano. I also think nano in fluo pink looks better than a mini.
  7. I'd take the nano too, then just go for the mini if it pops up later! ;)
  8. ^^thanks everyone...really appreciate the responses!!!

    my Nano should be arriving this week xoxo
  9. glad you are getting the nano! I think the fluo pink would look so cute in the nano size. I personally think it would look better in a smaller bag. who knows, maybe you'll come to love it in the end, and your search for this color would be over! can't wait to see your reveal!
  10. I say go with the nano. At least you will be able to see the color on you, etc.

    If you still want the mini, you can always get it when it pops up. I am sure it will. I was freaking about my Coquelicot and now I see it everywhere.
  11. keep the nano, & keep searching for the mini!
  12. i totally agree! who knows...i might buy it off you! i'm too tired from searching. i'm suffice with my phantom...FOR NOW! hahahah good luck!!!

  13. nano for sure, mini are too large for a fluo colour~
  14. thanks everyone, super appreciate all your kind words, and best of luck to everyone else still searching for the Fluo Pink Nano and Mini luggage totes...will def post if i come across either!