CÉLINE Fall 2013

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    CÉLINE Fall 2013! For all things related to Fall 2013! Looking at a few new styles and also a new leather/finishing for the Box and the Luggage Phantom. One new model style has been identified as the Flat Cabas. jshi809
    fZNaj.jpg SQsYi.jpg lUAQ3.jpg Ad97K.jpg 9CowO.jpg 7OTsh.jpg wmVMU.jpg yRt4R.jpg Sc8Il.jpg n5VpV.jpg
  2. More jshi809 / EricWilsonNYT / EdwardEnninful / WmagKarla
    iz3B1.jpg zuAtU.jpg Kh9CB.jpg dno59.jpg 0kRf7.jpg UQ3fd.jpg Tp3KC.jpg ylcAc.jpg
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    Looks 1––10 style.com
    celine_001_1366.450x675.JPG celine_002_1366.450x675.JPG celine_003_1366.450x675.JPG celine_004_1366.450x675.JPG celine_005_1366.450x675.JPG celine_006_1366.450x675.JPG celine_007_1366.450x675.JPG celine_008_1366.450x675.JPG celine_009_1366.450x675.JPG celine_010_1366.450x675.JPG
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    Looks 11––20 style.com
    celine_011_1366.450x675.JPG celine_012_1366.450x675.JPG celine_013_1366.450x675.JPG celine_014_1366.450x675.JPG celine_015_1366.450x675.JPG celine_016_1366.450x675.JPG celine_017_1366.450x675.JPG celine_018_1366.450x675.JPG celine_019_1366.450x675.JPG celine_020_1366.450x675.JPG
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    Looks 21––26 style.com
    celine_021_1366.450x675.JPG celine_022_1366.450x675.JPG celine_023_1366.450x675.JPG celine_024_1366.450x675.JPG celine_025_1366.450x675.JPG celine_026_1366.450x675.JPG
  6. New Trapeze colours and various detail shots jshi809
    a87157f4592511e280ba22000a9f1893_7.jpg 40e0802e592511e2b60722000a9f09f0_7.jpg 167321d4592511e28fa722000a1fbcea_7.jpg
  7. The triple tote bag is sooooo rad. I've never seen it before. Is it new for the season?

    The clothes are awesome, but look more difficult to wear than past seasons. I am all for avant grade unwearability, but this just seems less truly "ready to wear" than past collections.

    I would still wear almost everything in the collection though.
  8. Yes, that is apparently a new style called the Flat Cabas. It comes in a gusset version or one that is entirely flat.

    I do think that the clothes are very wearable. I love the postal print blouse!
  9. New Box colours and Ostrich skin now available. Seems that Céline has done a Hermès So Black and a So White version of their Box bags! I can foresee these bags to be the hottest item come Fall 2013! glamourmag
    c6497b6a58ff11e282c522000a1fa433_7.jpg 3498d93c590311e2bd9a22000a9f14ba_7.jpg
  10. Model Monika Sawicka shares some backstage and showroom shots. Is this the new proportions for the Luggage Medium? I love the contrast handles! monika_sawicka
    b24069c8592a11e28df322000a1f9367_7.jpg c553e91458de11e2842d22000a1f9ada_7.jpg ea731eb858de11e2b52d22000a9f189b_7.jpg
  11. Cut-out Mary Janes rebeccarams and Presentation janekeltnerdev
    f0fd9326590b11e2b38022000a9e070a_7.jpg eaab716a590011e29edf22000a1e9a73_7.jpg
  12. Straw hats _mamajama
  13. Furry Bi-cabas and various Cabas Phantom at the back mduenasjacobs
  14. I adore this pouch! I think the postal stripe blouse/cabas/pouch are going to be hot commodities come this fall! I'm going to have this pre-ordered from Barneys MONTHS in advance :sweatdrop:
  15. Postal Print Clutch Pouch and Presentation line-up. Not sure what I feel about this Clutch Pouch. Looks like it can be easily bootlegged! I wished that they have done a patchwork for the postal print instead of just a print! _rwang
    4c5daa82590011e29c6622000a1f9e4a_7.jpg 6412ff06590011e2826f22000a9f13e9_7.jpg