Celine Fall 2012

  1. Will all the luggage fall collections be available in micro size? Wonder whether they will have it in London?
  2. Most colours will exist in the micro, just a matter of which stores have bought them. To be honest, it's very hard to come across the micro in London, your chances are a lot better in Sg!
  3. Ty bsufku.. I know Asia has more collections on micro but the prices are also incredibly high so would like to try my luck when I travel to europe in 1-2 months time..
  4. I want the large w/ detachable straps, are these going to be available in the US? Is there any waitlist going on anywhere for these? Any idea on price?

    Thank God i waited on the Large.
  5. I have no idea of US availability and stock but I'm sure the SAs can answer that one. I've only recently handled the large trio without the detachable strap and that was around S$1,400 IIRC. It is a generous size.
  6. FW2012 green tricolor sm trapeze
    FW 2012 green tricolor trapeze.jpg
  7. missmoomoi that green is beautifullll
  8. Isn't it though? I keep calling it moss but do you think it's a bright olive? The top flap is navy but it doesn't really look very navy; maybe it's a very grey-muted-navy? Either way, I'm very tempted to get this but I have to be fast. The small Trapeze bags sell faster than the large I think.
  9. missmoimoi it does look like olive, yum!!!
    i do think the small trapeze is nicer, i find the large is too big for the style
  10. I saw some coquelicot minis from new reveal threads, does it mean celine release it again for fall?
  11. Yes it will be re-released for Fall.
  12. Grey Nubuck Stamped Phantom Luggage
  13. Various Multi-coloured Luggage Mini
    3000.38.14.jpg 3000.65.8.jpg 3000.6.9.jpg
  14. Various Multi-coloured Trapeze
    3002.38.1.jpg 3000.38.10.jpg 3000.15.15.jpg
  15. Cobalt Python Luggage Phantom