Celine Fall 2012

  1. Is that the same for Europe or do you think it will be avaliable there a bit earlier?

    Here in The Netherlands all the shops don't seem to know exactly when they will get it in and I'm going to London next weekend so I was hoping to score the Grey Croc Stamped Phantom there ;) (that will be May 26th).

    Does anyone have insight on whether it will be avaliable end May or whether it will really be in June?

    Thank you heaps! :biggrin:
  2. Anyone know where I might preorder a navy micro where the preordter isn't sold out?
  3. Various Large Trios.
  4. New bag style and the grey box. With the khaki phantom and cobalt neoprene phantom.
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  5. Hi! Do you know when all these will be out at the stores?
  6. Depends on location but HK should have it in by mid June and Singapore by July. I simply cannot wait to see all of it in person.
  7. okay, will book my flight to HK 3rd week of June:smile: thanksssssss
  8. Ha I think you should call Maggie to confirm the dates when the collection drops and what will be available just in case!
  9. Will do that next week :smile: I'm so excited!
  10. Is there a new size then for Trios? This I am very interested with, as long as it's bigger.

    The phantom is not really khaki is it? I think the new version will come in wool/felt
  11. Yes, I suppose these are the new Trios with removable strap. The phantom with blue trim is indeed Khaki! Still love it, thought my passion for it would have died by now. Yes, the new versions will come in felt and neoprene.
  12. homev6_1.jpeg homev6_2.jpeg homev6_3.jpeg homev6_4.jpeg
  13. [​IMG]

    now i am confused all over again... i know that the black behind is the oversize w/ detachable strap, but the 2 front??? they look to be the same size, though only python has the detachable strap :confused1: or perhaps a special feature for an exotic version...???
  14. Dimensions of the oversized trio and large???
  15. Grey Croc Phantom, Love it !