celine exotic luggages?

  1. Hi All! Was doing a search here in TPF and I'm wondering if the luggages come in other exotic leathers besides python and croc? lizard maybe? Thanks!
  2. From my experience, I think the luggages only comes in python and stamped croc, along with the usual calf/lamb skin. Would be refreshing though to see them do one in lizard!! Hope that helps...!
  3. I've only seen python and croc as exotic leathers and the croc isn't widely available. Plus, only saw a croc in a Phantom which was at the Monaco store - it was 20k euros
  4. Thanks Kai Treschic and mlemee! was hoping they had other exotics, I just saw a classic box done in lizard (or at least i think it was lizard?) and it looked amazing!