Celine Dorine 50 % off @ NM

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  1. gone-

    Gayathri are you sure these handbags are available before you post them? I'm sitting here, cup of coffee in hand and opening your posts the minute you post them and all these are gone- you may want to be sure they're still available before posting
  2. Yes, they are or rather were. I am wondering who's sniping them...seems like someone who's lurking here.
  3. I would agree, but so many gone so fast? You're working so hard posting them- it just seems strange that none are available a second later:shrugs::shrugs:
  4. :smile: Well, thats the purpose...so that some lucky girl can get it !
  5. Please, please don't take my post the wrong way- just didn't want you to waste your time posting unavailables.

    The whole reason for my sitting here with my morning coffe reading each one is to be 'that lucky girl':drinks:
  6. No offense taken ! Good luck ! Getting these hanbags is almost like winning a lottery:smile: