~ Celine Dion Thread ~

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  1. [​IMG]

    Celine and her 6 year old son Rene-Charles, on the June 11 cover of Canada's Hello Magazine. Her son has nice hair, for a girl.

    Haute Gossip
  2. :confused1:
  3. He's so cute!! But, why do they want him to have long hair? ah well.. I find he looks more like hes daddy. Thanks for the pics prada I had never seen her son.
  4. Not so cute and the hair makes him look even worse.
  5. I guess in reality she wanted a daughter, instead!?!? I dislike long hair on boys/grown men..and this is a good example of that!! :weird:
  6. don't like the long hair
  7. :s I am trying to figure out wether he looks like her or him. Neither, I think.
  8. Maybe she's growing his out to make her own hair extension out of :O
  9. hehe he looks like a girl...
  10. I don't think she shoud bring her son to see her hairstylist if that is the end result! Like mother, like... son? :smile:
  11. I don't like long hair on boys...:hrmm:
  12. No kidding! Don't really understand it but then again, wasn't she the one who had an elaborate Egyptian wedding?
  13. i'm a huge celine dion fan, but...well...haircuts are nice.
  14. He looks like his daddy, but gees, Celine, cut that hair!

    Kate Hudsons son look ridiculous also with his long hair.

    Did these women REALLy want girls?
  15. ahhh I think he is cute :smile:

    its only hair, am sure he usually pulls it back or something :biggrin:
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