Celine Dion and Diamonds

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  1. Let's talk about Le Diva, Celine...

    She has worn some of the most coveted diamonds and jewelry in the world. She also has an amazing jewelry and diamond collection but she does not wear them out in public much. Being the wonderful person that she is and having nearly half a billion dollar's in net worth, she surely deserves it!

    Here's the most recent,
    The 2007 Oscars

    For the arrival on the red carpet, to complement her elegant James Galanos gown, she


    Those pins on the side are 7 carats each, and are from her own collection.


    The AMAZING de Grisogono snake bracelet

    For the Performance that evening,


    While singing in a custom gown by J. Mendel she wears an $5,000,000 Van Cleef and Arpels Necklace.

    2002 Welcome Back Concert


    She was the first person to ever step foot at the Kodak Theatre before it became the new home of the Oscars, and she did it well, wearing the necklace featuring The $30,000,000 76.45-carat Archduke Joseph Diamond.



    1998 Oscars


    She was there to perform the Oscar-Winning song "My Heart Will Go On" in a custom-made Michael Kors gown, which was to complement the $2,200,000 Blue Sapphire and Diamond Necklace, a replica of the $20 million Harry Winston Heart of the Ocean. And according to sources, Celine bought that necklace!

    1997 Oscars: Hello Chanel!


    Celine was head-to-toe in Chanel. During that year, she and Karl Lagerfeld became good friends. She spent so much at Chanel that they gave her those gigantic diamond star stud earrings as a gift for her patronship. The diamond necklace that she wore was sold later that evening after the Oscars for $490,000.
  2. How interesting! I didn't realize Celine wore/had so many delicious jewels! Thanks for sharing!
  3. Thanks for posting all the eye candy!! :drool: I would like the Van Cleef and the Archduke Joseph Diamondplease. :biggrin:
  4. Wowie! what diamonds! being an avid lover and collector of diamonds, all these pictures just look heavenly to me. I also had no idea Celine Dion was into diamonds in such a huge way. Thanks for sharing these! :smile:
  5. that's simply amazing and she looked simply stunning at the oscars according to those pictures - wish i had i seen it. :sad: i was at work with a floorset (stupid retail seasons.. it's already summer and it's not even officially spring yet!)

    i'm sure for a rags-to-riches person, she's definitely one to covet a diamond! i remember seeing the rock on her finger for her marriage renewal in vegas.. wowzers!! :shocked:
  6. Wow that star necklace is amazing! So unique. :yes:
  7. I remember a pic of her wearing a white suit (blazer was backwards) to an awards show... and I believe she had on a thin but long diamond necklace, maybe with a pendant of some sort hanging from her back, to compliment her backwards blazer... anyone else remember? Maybe it wasn't diamonds, but it was some sort of jewelry...
  8. My oh my! And all that is from her personal collection?! Amazing.
  9. I love the pins on her Galanos gown. It looks great when people put jewelry on their clothing in a whimsical way.
  10. i think that the only one she owns is the pins on the galano gown. the others are lent to her from designers and she can buy them if she wanted to.
  11. I love the snake bracelet and the star necklace
  12. I'm glad you guys enjoyed these photographs! Yeah, Celine sure SPARKLES with those diamonds. We know for sure that those pins are hers (2007) and those diamond studs are hers (1997). But we are unaware of her others. However, she has admitted that she does a jewelry collection. For Celine, I know she's a big-timer. For one, she owns thousands of pairs of shoes, and she buys the best of the best. She would buy entire collections of Manolo Blahniks if she liked them, and in EVERY COLOR! :yahoo: I'm not surprised if she bought one of these jewelry that she's worn (maybe for keepsake and memories). These were all from Oscar nights. I doubt she would ever spend $30 million on the Archduke, but then again, if she strikes another Titanic jackpot, she could buy her own country if she wanted to. But her heart does go on... and that's because she's giving... so which in turns mean...she ought to be rewarded. :yes:

    :sweatdrop: I'm sweating just thinking of touching it! LOL!

    You're welcome!
    I'm sure you'd like the Archduke to be a part of your collection, eh? :supacool:

    Did you get a chance to watch some of the clips of Oscars through YouTube?

    I thought I read somewhere that it's called the "Shooting Star" necklace! I LOVE IT TOO! :heart:

    I think it was white gold. I wish I could see detailed pictures of this. So far, every time Celine's worn jewelry, there must be diamonds or sapphire or precious metals. No stones. She's not Meryl Streep... :P

    (I love Meryl, btw)

    Yeah, the snake bracelet is quite clever and awesome!
  13. Wonderful photos! You are so right about the jewels she has worn. I love Celine. I think she is a kind and generous soul, and sings like an angel.

    Thank you so much for sharing with us!!