Celine - Current Worldwide Prices

  1. Hi there! Sorry for the late reply! May I know which celine size do u have and what's ur height?
  2. Luggage Mini croc -19000£
    Luggage micro croc - 14000£
  3. Hello all,

    Has anyone been to the Celine outlet at Woodbury Commons yet? Just wanted to know how much I'd have to save for a good price on a nice bag...or if anyone knows what kinda bags are being sold as well...wouldn't also mind knowing about the Celine outlet at Bicester Village, going to London end of August.

    Thanks :smile:
  4. Hi ladies, does anyone know what are the prices for the trapeze (small or medium) in the UK now?
  5. Hi ladies,

    anyone know the current prices for the mini luggage in Cannes & Monaco?

  6. In the Celine store at Mount St London, the medium single colour Trapeze was £1,650. Can't remember what the small was, sorry (was my friend who was looking at them).
  7. Thanks for the info! :smile:
  8. To anyone who is interested, i just got my first celine black micro luggage=270000yen (price after tax refund) 14~6~2014 hth! ;)
  9. USA

    solid color $2700
    bi tri color $2900

    solid color $2900
    bi tri color $3100

    solid color $3100
    bi tri color $3300

    medium $3100

    Texture $3500

    Box $3900

    Horizontal $1300

    All Soft
    Bi tri color $2600

    Small $1100

    Medium solid color $2300
    Medium bi tri color $2450
    Large Solid color $2600

  10. Hi emjetz, sweeeeeettt! May i know how many % tax refund will u get as a tourist in japan? and do u know the price for mini or phantom? which store in japan that got lots of stock? many thanks! 😘
  11. Good price! Glad u finally got the micro. Any pics? Is it easy to use?

  12. 2200€ in Cannes.
    Monte Carlo should be the same i think
  13. Anyone know how much the medium Trapeze is currently in Malaysia? Thanks :heart:
  14. Yeah.. so happy scored the black micro! Can rotate with my gst to work now...easy to use..i can also shoulder carry it....love it so much!!!
    1403004471427.jpg 1403004503117.jpg
  15. Thanks babe!!! U can get 8% tax refund! Celine store at Ometesando has great stock availability(as it's the largest celine store in asia)..! If not u can check out at the department store like isetan or takashimaya. Hth! 😊 sorry not sure for the price for mini and phantom as i was just checking the price for micro and nano!