Celine comparisons to Hermes

  1. I've been thinking about this for a while now. Truthfully - and please, no one take this wrong way! - I believe the Luggage is like the "poor man's" Birkin.

    And again, I don't mean this in a mean or derogatory way, cuz lets face it, Celine bags aren't cheap! I only mean it in the sense that the Luggage is becoming a bag of status, much like the Birkin bag is. The Celine seems to be coveted by women who, if they could afford it, would probably buy a Birkin (and judging from many posts and comments within this sub-forum, there are many people who already own a Birkin who have recently discovered Celine!).

    I mean, take a look at the Celine Street Style thread - there are tons of pics all across the Internet, taken all over the world of women with their Luggage (and Phantom & Trapeze) bags, and the number is growing almost every week! I don't think the Luggage is as much an "It" bag as it is a bag of status - women who appreciate and can afford finer things and designer bags slightly higher in cost than the mainstream, commonly known designers, a/k/a YSL, Chloe, Balenciaga, Marc Jacobs, etc., but can still not afford (or choose not to invest in) and Hermes bag.

    While I don't ever think Celine will ever be on par with Hermes when it comes to quality & craftsmanship, I do believe the line has found its place in the world of designer bags and I do believe that the frequent price increases and the decreased availability of the bags will only heighten the exclusivity of the bags and the belief that if you are lucky enough to own a bag (or two or three), that you're in a slightly higher class of designer bag collectors.
  2. I also think it was the SA's attempt to garner more sales. "Get it now while the price is low!"...how many salespeople use the same line? I find it funny when other luxury brands are always "trying to be more like Hermes" instead of doing their own thing. Chanel's crazy, constant price increases have basically turned me off the brand forever. I'm finding Celine to be doing similar strategy...I got my first Mini Luggage when it was $1700 (I think?) and I thought it was great quality for the price but it seems every season the price goes higher and higher. Even the Nano is much more now! It's ridiculous. I love Celine...I've gotten a number of bags from them but I'm not interested in buying more for astronomical prices. I'm a huge Hermes fan too. I bought my Celine Box bags precisely because they reminded me of the Constance. At the time, I couldn't stomach a $10000 price tag for such a "small" bag, and I thought the Box at under $4000 was much more reasonable. It really makes me appreciate Balenciaga...their products are fabulous, and they don't insult us all by constantly raising their prices while decreasing their quality in their pursuit to be more like Hermes. They do their own thing. Bal bags have stood the test of time for over ten years now...by basically changing only their hardware and leather colors. That's pretty impressive to me! Celine has a long way to go before it can be compared to Hermes.
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  3. Agreed :goodpost:
  4. Agree word by word!

    If I would sell all my bags, or put the money of all my bags in a jar, I could have bought an Hermes, but I don't think I would have ever dropped that much money in one place on a single bag. I also do not socialize in a circle that I would carry an Hermes bag, or if I did, half would not know what it is and the other half would think it's fake. I do like the understatement of Celine. In the past 6 months that I had my mini luggage, I have only seen a handful of poeple with one.
  5. I agree with you and also luvmybags on the "Poor Man's Birkin" comment. I could buy a Birkin, but I just won't drop that much money on a bag - I get enough grief from my friends on the cost of the bags I do have. (I don't fault anyone for doing so, however, everyone has their priorities.) Having said that, I love the one Celine micro I got and I think the quality of my particular bag is fantastic. Am I going to buy more? Probably not - the luggage is the only bag that appeals to me and I think one's enough for me. The price increases are out of control, too.

    I have seen exactly two people here with a Celine bag - one was a plum colored Mini and one was a Trapeze. There's only one store in the area that carries them (NM). I've only had mine out a few times, but no one's commented on the bag at all - I think most people here don't know what they are.
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    Total agree!
  7. Completely agree. :goodpost:
  8. I just got my first celine bag ( a nano). As much as I love it, the craftsmanship does not compare to Hermes at all. I found quite a few flaws with such a small bag.

  9. ROFL! Your DH was probably stupefied after giving you the HG Big B and then you went to Celine to get the Luggage!!! Hilarious!

    I agree with you. Celine is the current 'IT" bag..but who knows after 2 years. The quality no doubt is amazing. The design is refreshingly breathtaking ( I owned 5 Chanels (3 Classics and 2 seasonals) and other premiere designers.) I have never felt in awe of the bag, maybe I feel that it always smiling at me. Their marketing seems to be working well. f they can improve their customer service, maybe they will be almost at par with Hermes. But I don't think it will achieve the same status of Hermes.
  10. All the Celine bags design are streamlined, simple and elegant. The designs will stand the test of time. They already made their mark in the fashion world. It will be classic. Just like Chanel. In my opinion, all Celine bags complement any women in all ages who carry it. I am in my mid-30's, and I don't want to carry or I don't see myself carrying Balenciaga eventhough I love the design and craftmanship.

    Personally, I prefer to carry bags that I don't see everywhere. I like the exclusivity marketing by PP but increasing the prices every season is ridiculous!
  11. LOL!
    I was thinking a "working man's" Birkin!
  12. In my case, it's a "stay-at-home mom 's" Birkin!
  13. Love this topic and love reading all the different opinions...
    Love celine love hermes...
    Would want to see how it fares out for celine as we know hermes will always be hermes..
  14. :ghi5: Same here!
  15. The sales rep is being… a sales rep. She needs to sell to make her commission and will say anything that she thinks will motivate people to buy. At this point in life, I don't find Hermes (or their prices) attractive hence do not want one. Making that comparison to me, if anything, turns me off.
    I think SOME luxury store sales reps need to learn to act nicer, they act like they are the gatekeepers to heaven or something. they are not and they need to understand that. if they are not nice/courteous, i am sure there are nicer sales reps out there who will work to make that commission. If i were you I would put my name on a waiting list elsewhere and just get my name off the list at this store, clearly this particular rep does not deserve your business/commission. I think Aloha rag has the Red Palmelato that you are looking for.