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  1. I didn't buy her
    She was at Winners Runway here in downtown Vancouver several months ago. Super tempting!!!!
  2. Hi there, I know it's been long time. I found your thread when I was trying to look for more pictures of grey in silver hardware, you know how rare is it :cool:I am above to purchase a used one, just wonder how much you love your purse after all... is it a easy color to take care and match with outfit? I will be greatly appreciate your advance, hope to hear from you soon;) BTW, is the interior kind of black leather? Thank you and have a wonderful weekend!!
  3. Did the Celine All Soft Purse come with a small pouch or was it sold separately?
  4. Hi, the All Soft came with the pouch included. I don't think they sold it separately.
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    Hi! Does Celine discontinued the making the Large Phantom Luggage?
  6. Hi,sorry for the english, I buy a Celine Phantom,how can I know il it is real?thank you.brunella so muco!
  7. Hello and welcome!

    You can ask for authentication in the Celine/Celine Shopping here: AUTHENTICATE This Céline

    Good luck!
  8. Hello ladies Any owners of the pull on leather wedged laceless sneaker ?
    How does the sizing go and did Nordstrom , Barneys or anywhere that it went on sale?

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  9. Hi, I can't find the Céline thread to comment on experiences with resellers. I wanted to put it out there that lavendercaki sold me her Edge on eBay and the whole transaction went great - so I recommend her as a trusted seller if she has future bags from her private collection to sell :smile:
  10. Hello fellow TPFrs....can anyone tell me about this bag??...its called the Qualese Bag??[​IMG]....where can I find this bag??...what is the best price for this bag??
  11. What are the reviews for this bag??...
  12. What are the reviews for this bag???