Céline COMMENTS for reference threads

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  1. Did the brand ever make a light grey felt bag?
  2. I would say you have to post for authentication with all required pics to be sure.

  3. Ok.. What I need to do?
  4. What season did the blue phantom debut?
  5. Hi. What season did the indigo come out? :smile:
  6. Does anyone have a photo of the dune nano luggage with a twilly on?
  7. Hey! I'm considering buying this style but I'm wondering where the pictures went. The thumbnails say the images can't be found.
  8. Pls does anyone have a TRIO in cowhide leather. How does it wear. Or any celine handbag in cowhide leather. Curious cos I just got a large TRIO in cowhide leather. TIA
  9. hi
    im new in this forum , i recently bought preloved celine trapeze croc embossed
    but it has no rear zipper

    does yours have any?

  10. What is the price difference between the all leather small vs medium cabas phantom? I saw the medium in black at the boutique and was $1,850 but I didn't see any small ones. Wondering as I'm contemplating this as my next purchase. Thank you