Céline COIN HANDBAG reference thread

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  1. Here’s the place to post pics of Coin Handbags for future reference. Modeling pics are also welcome.

    This is a picture-only thread. Please, NO CHATTING back and forth or commenting on the bags.

    Include as much of the following information as you know or feel comfortable in sharing: STYLE NAME, SIZE, COLOR, LEATHER TYPE, SEASON/YEAR PURCHASED, PRICE, etc.

    If you are posting a STOCK PHOTO from an online retailer or other website, be sure to attach the photo (not link it) and fully credit the source.
  2. Style: Coin Handbag in Nappa Lambskin
    Color: Burgundy 175133VUA.28BD
    Season: Fall 2014
  3. Coin in vermillion red from fall 2014

    ImageUploadedByPurseForum1439111919.106517.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1439111928.547003.jpg