Celine Clandestine

I haven't gotten the call either. I'm on the list from a Celine store, and I called right when I saw the style. The girl at Celine had not even heard of the style yet...so funny when a customer has to tell the sa about a hot style for the spring.
I love love love this bag! Why is no one responding to this thread??? The powder (cream with pinkish tones) color is so beautiful! I think i might get the smallest one over a chanel beige 2.55! :love:

oh, and they are already in the stores! at least in london!


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I'm on the wait list at NM for Medium Lamskin Blush, haven't seen it anywhere in person yet. Nordstrom SCP only has the Calfskin ones: Large in Black/Luggage, Medium in Black/Luggage, Small (can't remember exact color for this size, Black/Luggage). Medium or Large also comes in Cream.