Celine Clandestine

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  1. Any one receive one yet? Celine in NY still doesn't have them in and I'm on the list.
  2. I heard they won't be available until the beginning of May.
  3. I haven't gotten the call either. I'm on the list from a Celine store, and I called right when I saw the style. The girl at Celine had not even heard of the style yet...so funny when a customer has to tell the sa about a hot style for the spring.
  4. I love love love this bag! Why is no one responding to this thread??? The powder (cream with pinkish tones) color is so beautiful! I think i might get the smallest one over a chanel beige 2.55! :love:

    oh, and they are already in the stores! at least in london!

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  5. I'm on the list as well and havent gotten a call. I've kind of lost interest though, its been a LONG TIME!
  6. Uh! They Are In!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. I'm on the wait list at NM for Medium Lamskin Blush, haven't seen it anywhere in person yet. Nordstrom SCP only has the Calfskin ones: Large in Black/Luggage, Medium in Black/Luggage, Small (can't remember exact color for this size, Black/Luggage). Medium or Large also comes in Cream.
  8. Celine SCP (Southern CA) has the calfskin ones as well.
    Haven't seen the Lambskin Blush.
  9. Celine NYC has them in!
  10. how much are they??