Celine Clandestine

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  1. Love the one on the model! Love the color so pretty! Very classy and creamy!
  2. Yeah, Stam is def. rocking that bag. Style.com has her on the runway with the bag. She looks great!
  3. Sending you back a high five back via Internet!:P

    quote=Greenie]Yeah, what a dreamy bag!!! Style.com had a lot of pics of the bag too. Very very good thead, Soybean!! (high five)[/quote]
  4. [/quote]

    Uh oh...looks like your hooked! ;)

    I just want to know where I can see the bag. There's no celine boutique in Atlanta. I guess I'll just have to wait! :lol:
  5. Hi!!
    Any report on the Clandestine?? I'm waiting... :lol:
  6. OK, so here is the report!:
    The Clandestine should arrive at Celine by the end of March!
    I asked about the blush color's availability ONLY , not the cream, luggage color they call RM(caramel), or black. So this is the scoop on the BLUSH:
    There will be only 20 Large sent to the Country (for now),the one with the pockets on the side. THe Medium - only 14 being sent to the country, small - only 9!.....Now this SA was a nervous girl, all over the place, so who knows for sure. I put myself on the list for the MEDIUM Blush color. Too bad I could not see in real life yet!:sad: :nuts:
  7. star, thanks! That's great news. Did you speak to Celine NY? If so, I need to call and get on the waiting list for the large blush!
  8. Thanks, Star!!!

  9. Thanks Star!
  10. thanks for the investigation and report Star!!!
  11. Your VERY WELCOME EVERYONE:P ...report from Celine in Balharbour shops.
  12. Thanks Star!!! You are the best!

    Ohhh...now I am thinking of returning the Quilted MJ Petrol bag!! I think I may wait and put my name on the waiting list somewhere for the Clandestine blush medium if I am lucky.:smile: I also have been thinking about the gold chain on MJ maybe just a little bit much for me?? Also this bag it's not something that I can wear it to the office! :wacko: .