Celine Clandestine

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  1. I know there was some previous posts regarding this bag, but just wanted to do a repost with more pics. and information (pulled from TFS) on it. i love this Celine Clandestine bag...its such a beauty....I think the blush/powder color in so nice in the large size (since this is the one with the pockets on the side), though the medium is nice too.

    What are you thoughts on Celine's upcoming bag?

    2 fabrications:

    lambskin (buttery soft leather in 2nd picture)--
    sizes: small and medium
    colors: black & powder (flesh)

    shrunken calfskin (slightly grainier leather)--
    sizes: medium and large
    colors: cream (off-white) and luggage (caramel)

    sizes are:
    small: 6.5" x 11" x 2" (1 front pocket. evening size, can be used as clutch)
    medium: 12" x 8" x 4.5" (1 front pocket, no side pocket, 1 zipper on front )
    large: 14" x 10" x 5" (1 front pocket, 2 side pockets, 2 zippers on front)

    prices are:
    small: $1,050
    medium: $1,550 (for both leathers which makes no sense even to the mgr)
    large: $1,800

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  2. Love love love this bag!! But where will you be able to buy it? I love the 4th from the left!! The creme! Soybean you are a naughty girl bringing this bag up!!! LOL
  3. :lol::biggrin: Naughty? I KNOW...but its the type of naughtiness you scold and love!:lol: I adore this bag...it is soooo nice...so dreamy :love: I like the 1st and 4th one most! I know that NAP will be carrying this bag in a bit...that's all I know so far!

  4. more pics!:biggrin:

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  5. I love this bag! This is so nice!!! Thanks for bringing it up. I think this may be my next bag!

    p.s. Don't tell Wickedassin;)
  6. really? I won't tell Wick ONLY if you get one for me too:lol: While we're at the blackmailing, pick up one for Greenie too:amuse:

  7. which color/style do you like?

  8. I actually like pix 4 and 5 (in black of course - the only color I buy). :P But shhhhhh!!!!!!;)
  9. I have been loving this bag, too!!!
  10. I like the large size in whatever that color is...reminds me of the new Prada bag that is being advertised in mags and which I have not found out the name of yet. Oh, and which I am NOT buying, Wickedassin!
  11. Eeee! I'm in love with the first one, in that color. Gorgeous! Probably a bit big for me, since I'm 5'1". I want one!

  12. I really like these bags too. Can't wait to see them in person. You are right--the style is very similar to the latest Prada ad bag which I am loving and have been patiently waiting to hear more about.
  13. SoyBean, I'm with you ... I love the first one and the fourth one. Wow!! This is the first time I've seen this bag .... and a new obsesson begins ... lol.
  14. Not sure whether Celine will really sell the bag in 1st pic. I heard not....??:sad2:
  15. Which Prada bag? I don't know if I've seen it yet. I need to go look through my magazines again. Does anyone have a photo?