Celine Clandestine Pics

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  1. anyone have a new Clandestine that can post pics?

  2. OMG! ELUXURY HAS THEM! Please stop me.....I will be a dead wife if I buy this too........
  3. LOL :biggrin:
  4. Take deep breaths Jill.....:lol:
  5. Eeek! That medium luggage is SO cute!
  6. Hyperventilating....................aarghhhhh!!!!!!!.......
  7. oh i like the small one.. but in blush... it is soooooooooooooo cute
  8. Still at work, but can't resist Cladestine!!!
    Is Powder sold out already? The only available color is luggage for Medium and black for Small. Jill, thanks for the info on Celine NY having the Medium Lambskin in Powder. I didn't like luggage/black Calfskin ones I saw at Nordstrom & Celine. I would like to see the Medium Lambskin in Powder IRL before buying it.
  9. i can't decide.. do you gals prefer the small or medium size?
  10. I have the blush color so engrained in my mind that I don't care for the luggage or black. Did elux have the blush?
  11. no they dont.. i asked..
  12. i like it.
  13. DITTO:wacko:
  14. Does anyone have a couch I can sleep on..If I buy this..I may need it!!!!....KIDDING! LOL!
  15. This bag is really tempting. I love the style of the medium. :unsure: