Celine Clandestine - Info sought

  1. I'm researching this handbag in case I come across a good deal anywhere, and was wondering: what colours does it come in? I know there's a tan on eluxury and there's a black and a pale pink (my favorite) on NAP, but are there any other colours?

    Thanks for any help you all can give.
  2. The Clandestine comes in black, luggage (this is the tan color, but it's somewhat orangey in nature), blush and cream (which is sort of oatmealy).

    I have seen the cream for sale at Celine's boutiques and also at Nordstrom, but I've never seen this color available online. The cream is my personal favorite because I think it is the most versatile, and it also captures the spirit of the bag nicely.
  3. Amina,

    Cladestine comes in 4 colors; in addition to the ones you listed, there's Cream. It's available in lambskin (very soft), calfskin and shrunken calfskin (one is smooth, the other is more textured). For calfskin, I can't remember which name goes with which type (One is smoother, the other is more textured); the one with more textured is more expensive.

    I have seen the following combinations at my local department stores & Celine boutique:

    Medium + Powdered/Black (smooth Calfskin)
    Medium + Luggage/Cream (textured Calfskin)
    ***The textured calfskin costs $1450, I think the smooth calfskin is $1390 (Medium Powder on NAP).
    Large + Luggage/... (can't remember)
    Small + Black/... (can't remember)

    NAP has Large+Lambskin in Cream and Medium+smooth_Calfskin in Powder.
  4. There is an old CLANDESTINE thread..where I posted the pics of all the colors in diif sizes..hit search and put clandestine in it to reference...