Celine Clandestine in luggage at elux

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  1. Hot! I like this much more than the luggage color one.
  2. Love it in the powder color, Jill!
  3. oh i love that.. i want it i want it
  4. I emailed the SA...will see if they have the blush in large...you all may hear my hubbys moans if I buy one more bag!!!!!!HEE!HEE! LOL!
  5. Does anyone know the dimensions of the large and medium?
  6. It's a beauty!!
  7. I love the medium Clandestine in powder,ivory or black. The luggage colour doesn't suit this bag or do it justice,and I don't feel that the side pockets on the large look very good,either.

    Man...the medium in black may just give me that quirky,edgy grandma fix that my Stam failed to provide...:idea:
  8. NAP will have the large powder up tomorrow, as well as the small in black and cream.

    I dunno, I love the powder but unlike the Stam, this bag doesn't have any edge to it... it's just pure granny/dainty style, which is NOT me. I think I'm safe. =)
  9. Hey Daisy...Celine NY just got the ivory in..she sent pics of both sizes...SOOO HOT!! Just thought I would tease you!!!!HEE!HEE!
    and if you are interested..I can email you the pics...too big to post...
  10. Oooooh, I bet it's fabulous but I'm content in my lack of enthusiasm for this bag and want to keep it that way! =)
  11. Hi Jill> Is the ivory in calfskin or lambskin? Thanks
  12. ^^ ivory is shrunken calfskin
  13. Received call from Celine SCP earlier today about Small in Powdered being available. Call store if interested.
  14. saw the luggage colored today, it is actually very pretty IMO.
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