Celine Clandestine in luggage at elux

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  1. CELINE in NYC!
  2. It's not that the color isn't pretty, it just doesn't suit the bag IMO.
  3. I know..now I want the blush one.....eek
  4. get this...how come Celine is charging MORE than ELUXURY for the MEdium...hmmmm??????
  5. i love the large in luggage but for some reason. the small one is the one that seems to jump at me
  6. Thanks for sharing the pics. I also had wanted the medium bag (but in british tan) after seeing it in the Celine add in Vogue. But now seeing it out on Elux, I agree that it just isn't 'wowing' me anymore and it could be just the color and/or leather. I showed it to my DH last evening and he thought the pocket looked like an ole 'tick bug' (but that may have been him trying to psych me out of wanting it.. hahaha). At least I can cross this one off my list for now.
  7. And................ DONE! :sick:

  8. I havent quite dismissed this bag....I think I need to see the different versions...I like the general style.....hhhmmm...
  9. I thought the small version in black is quite nice. I saw it in person But it wasn't pulling me hard so I passed.
  10. I really like this bags.
  11. ooh-The SA sent me new pics..The powder is to DIE for!stop me!!!will post in a sec!
  12. [​IMG]POWDER COLOR....LOVE!!!!

  13. very nice bag... :amuse:
  14. :lol:

    Beautiful bag!
  15. Loves that!
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