Celine Clandestine in luggage at elux

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  1. Besides both being Jills, we seem to have some very naughty habits in common! :nuts: :lol: :unsure:
  2. hubby isnt home...at softball practice with the little one...must hurry......!!
  3. Daisy..I got the pics...it wont let me paste them...argh...!!!
  4. Are they too big?? If you have Windows XP, email them to yourself and reduce the file size when it asks.
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  6. The leather looks tougher than I thought...Also-The front pocket on the large isnt as cute as the medium one...hmmmmmm....
  7. I just don't like the bag in that color and that's the calf skin, right? =| I was thinking that the large was that super large/tall one. I just dunno......... I personally can pass on this for now (whew). But thanks for the pics!
  8. Ooh, they are very pretty. But what kind of leather are they made of? They look very different from the ones that Daisy posted and the pics from style.com.

  9. Sprialsnowman, I may have this wrong but I know that some bags are made with lambskin (the pic we posted) and some with calfskin. What I don't know is if that varies by color or by style. I defiinitely like the lambskin/pink/ivory!
  10. The celine SA said they only had ivory and luggage...these are calfskin..I got the impression the lambskins were not holding up .....and they didnt have them
  11. Jill, I think you're right and maybe I did hear something about them not actually producing the lambskin. So...... they have ivory you say? =)
  12. LOL! you want me to email the SA for ivory pics too???!! OK..I am doing it now~
  13. ^^ Oh, me too Daisy! The lambskin is definitely superior...

    Jill- Which Celine is this? I was going to go check out the ones at BH this weekend, but if they only have calfskin maybe I won't after all...
  14. Oh yes, please! :amuse:
  15. Ok- I emailed her...

    ..I am not loving the luggage pics.....hhhmmmm...is it the color or the calfskin??!
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