Celine Clandestine in luggage at elux

  1. Celine Clandestine in luggage is on the exluxury website. It's a beauty!
  2. I like that. It looks like a big, oversized coin purse because of that snap closure. Cute! :love:
  3. This one puts me in grave danger and I hope I NEVER find it! The leather looks just..... :love: :love: :love:
  4. Really love this bag. Would like to get one in blush.
  5. cant ...do it........dont....buy it......PHH....will ....seriously......cut up my cards....argh............WANT THIS!!!
  6. The leather looks really nice, and the style is super cute! I'm not that familiar withe Celine, but that may have to change!
  7. That is really cute!
  8. Hasnt really grown on me yet :sad:
  9. I'm not into the luggage color as much as the others. Daisy, your pic is what I have in mind when I think Clandestine.
  10. Does anyone prefer the smaller one? I'm still deciding whether to get the one pictured above (1st pict) in powder or the smaller one below. Which would you guys get?
  11. I like the powder in the larger size, myself.
  12. Yeah, the style (medium) and color (luggage) that elux got in are duds, as far as I'm concerned. The style just CALLS for the soft, lady-like colors. The large is TDF, plus it has the lambskin, not the calf that elux got. I'd kill for the large in blush or ivory but I don't think they're going to make it to us, not many of us at least.
  13. OK folks...stay tuned ...I am about to get emailed pics of both the Medium and Large Clandestine...had a horrendous day yesterday and feel the need to treat myself...hee!hee!Kepp your fingers crossed!!!!will post the pics asap!!!
  14. Ooh, Jill, I'll be so eager to see! If you have any inside scoop on the large, please do NOT share it with me. Don't but do. :lol:
  15. hee!hee! LOL! yep..you are as bad as me! I think I am getting the large.....the medium is too small...still awaiting the pic email...will post it asap!!