Celine Chitty-chat club!

  1. I got my second royal blue luggage mini today:)
  2. Congrats!!!
  3. Hi! Just wanted to ask if the front zip on the Nano can be opened? Because I see some people could, but I can't open mine!

    Sorry if it's the wrong place to ask.. I'm new here :smile:
  4. Mine definitely can be opened..
  5. I bought a Mini Luggage over the phone from Nieman Marcus in Beverly Hills. Went to the store to pick it up, they had quite a few on display & a guy asked if he could buy one. They told him that he couldn't buy them, they were for display only...
  6. the Celine store at NAC Singapore has just re-stocked..
    walked past it after hours and alas; rows upon rows of bags on the floor in their dustbags waiting to be bought..
  7. I have question... my friend is selling her celine phantom for 1,000 dollars. do you think that's a good deal already? I really love the color, royal blue... I can't find this color anywhere... but the problem is the strap..
  8. I think it's too-good-to-be-true!
  9. That is strange, but maybe he just didn't want to sell to a rude lady. :p Congrats on your purchase though! Which one did you get?

    When I was there, Celine just opened a "store within a store" at Bon Marche on 9/18. Both a woman at the central information desk and the Celine SA confirmed they just opened. Maybe they were stocking up on inventory for the new store opening.
  10. hello, do all Celine bags come with the small inside leather tag that has a serial number?
  11. Yes. But from what I understand some of the earliest bag has no serial no tag.
  12. Please get it authenticated and we do not discuss the price within the forum.
  13. I bought my first Celine today - a Trapeze I got right here in Paris :yahoo: and I am absolutely impressed with quality. I waited a long time to take the plunge - perhaps because I knew that I would be instantly addicted, but I am so glad I did. The bag is so well crafted, I don't think I've been this impressed with a bag in a long time.
  14. Hi everyone, I need help what color bag is Kortney Kardashian been seen carry lately? Is it dune?
  15. does anyone know if you can order a shoulder strap? i have a large trapeze in vermillion and wanted to get the shoulder strap that the small trapeze comes with.