Celine Chitty-chat club!

  1. IMO....I would wait for a Micro to come available, but if you want one of the three the solid Mini is a safe place to start.
  2. Mini! I'm 4"11.5 and I love love love the mini! The micro is a weird size for me. I've posted modeling pics before but it's been a while if you want to see it for reference.
  3. the mini actaully looks really big on you, but might just be the angle! the terracotta trapeze goes raelly well with your outfit and looks beautiful here :smile:
  4. Just wondering if anyone has seen the Royal Blue Python finish in person? Is it exactly the same shade as royal blue or brighter? Or just like how it looks like in this pic provided by Jeffreys NY? TIA xo

  5. Hi all,
    I'm not entirely positive if I can post this here, but if I can't, please disregard/remove. Does anybody know of places to sell a Celine bag other than Bonanza or eBay? I'm trying to sell my Micro. TIA!!
  6. Would you consider consigning with HGBags or Real Deal Collection. Those would be places that I normally check for pre owned bags.
  7. i wish i had your wallet so i can buy them all!LOL
  8. i liked 3. Goodluck!
  9. Yes, but even then the price they offer is way below what I was looking for. :sad:
  10. Hello! :biggrin:

    I'm new to TPF, and I have an internship this summer. So I was thinking I could buy my first designer bag in August! But I'm having a hard time deciding which bag to choose.

    1. Balenciaga City in Black
    2. Alexander Wang Rocco with Brass hardware
    3. Celine black zipper cabas

    (I've already posted the same reply in the balenciaga and aw threads :smile:)

    Thank you!
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  12. Hi there!

    I have a micro in black. Should I get a nano in tri colour?
  13. I have this camel mini and i think it is wise to start a celine collection with the solid colors. either way, they're both fab!
  14. Does anyone own a box in poppy? i've only seen stock photos and was hoping to see some real life ones...

    I've already pre-ordered the royal blue and i think poppy would be a great alternative - even though i was keen on a red one initially..

  15. I'm not sure if there is another thread, but I'd really like to purchase a tri-colored trapeze and would like to know the color combos... does anyone know where I could get this info? also, are they still available anywhere??!