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  1. I don’t have a mini belt bag, so I am not sure. They also have a samorga for mini belt, but I don’t see the info on the dimensions on the samorga website. Before there were dimensions, I am sure about that. I just looked at my samorga receipt and it says W9.4 H6 D5.5 for my organizer. You can compare those numbers to mini belt dimenstions on Celine website.
  2. Hello fellow slg addict :wave: :lol:

    I don’t think they weigh much at all and the cabas is a light bag I think. I opted for no water bottle holder in mine but you could and then use the centre area for the water and snacks and your slg’s in the pockets.

    I ordered just one thinking that when it’s full I can switch it from one bag to another. I also leave items I can’t fit into mini bags in mine sometimes so that when I go back to a bigger bag they’re just there.

    Thanks for the compliment on the indigo cabas - I bought it in January 2016 so maybe FW15 possibly?

    Here are some comparison photos of my cabas and my mini belt. Looks like the cabas has more depth but with bags like the belt and the trapeze the organiser cannot be much more than 5” high as the bag tapers at the top.



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  3. Wow! Thank you for the awesome pictures of comparison of the 2 bags. I didn’t even think about the height difference between the cabas and mini belt.

    I have been admiring your collections for a while, they are beautiful!Again, thank you so much for your pictures and advice.
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  4. I’m big on recycling stuff. I do plan to order a LV Speedy 30 samorga for my LV Neverfull MM. I stopped using my LV Neverfull MM DE with rose ballerine, because I couldn’t stand the black scuff marks on the pretty pink canvas. I really need bag organizers to be able to protect my bags, slgs and to find stuff like my card case that holds my subway pass . I saw a YouTube video by LalaLV that recommended the speedy 30 samorga for the neverfull for cinching the sides and for a less boxy look overall.

    Asides from that, the Celine Phantom cabas is my favorite tote! I like totes that gives me the option of cinching or zipping up for when I’m on a crowded subway.
  5. You’re very welcome - we all love chatting about bags, especially Céline :graucho:
  6. Hi everyone - first time be venturing in to this section of TPF .

    I've had a look on the Celine website (which seems to just be a video at the mo..) and checked Selfridge's/Harrods and can't find the answer!

    What is the UK price currently for a Nano, and what is the selection like in Harrods? I'll be visiting soon for work and am contemplating what bag to get.

    There's a Celine store not far from where I work, but would prefer Harrods if possible as I have a points card there .
  7. Does someone have any info about when the website will "reopen"?
  8. Hi guys!
    I’m interested in getting a preloved trio! Preferably red or another fun color! Are they all in the soft (calf?) leather? Because a lot of the ones I see have lots of scratches and damaged corners. Does this mean that the bag is very prone to wear?

    Would love some input on this :smile:
  9. Does anyone have either the small sangle seau or the larger sangle seau in the color "taupe" and could describe what exactly that color looks like in person/when worn? I've seen differing pictures of the color and sometimes it looks warmer and other times like it has a colder tone and I can't quite figure out how it actually reads in person. Thanks so much in advance for any info!
  10. Hi
    I have a small Trio in lamb. It’s a soft bag in light colour and I’ve experienced some scratches and a bit of corner wear. However I don’t baby my bag and use it daily in spring/summer.
    There’s a sturdier, calf version of the same in limited colours and when I checked it out that bag looked like it would take more abuse than lamb skin. That said I think with all Trios one should be more careful as they are quite delicate imo.
  11. Not a Luggage fan, but I did see a nice black and white one of the latest episode of Murphy Brown. Anyone else see it?
    I'm going to pay more attn to the bags on that show now lol.. It's always fun to spot a luxury bag on tv!
  12. For anyone who has been to any of the Celine stores in Paris recently, is there still a good amount of "old Celine" pieces available? I'm thinking specifically bags, SLGs, jewelry, or shoes - I'll be visiting Paris in early December and was wondering whether it's even still worth it to stop by any of the stores to check. Thanks in advance for any info!
  13. You could check for stock online using the Find in Store button on the website for specific models or items you're interested in. Not all models are displayed online though, and most of "old Celine" is no longer on the website, apart from Classics, Luggages, Cabas, and some Trios.
    For example, if you're interested in a Medium Classic in Burgundy Box, click FIND IN STORE, then key in your location (Paris, France). It'll show you which stores have it in stock and if they're open or closed, and you can request an appointment. :smile:
    celine find-in-store.png
    celine paris burgundy box.png
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  14. Out of curiosity, what happens to bags that don't sell well in Asian countries? Do they get shipped back to the outlets in the USA/Europe?
  15. It depends which Asian country!