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  1. I've never heard of treating denim with vinegar - does it really work? I have a denim shoulder bag and I've been afraid to apply anything to it. But I am afraid of color transfer... Do you just dilute the vinegar and spray it on the bag? And does the smell go away?! LOL
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  2. Liquorice is completely different in the drummed/pebbled leather - it is so much lighter. The color in the smooth lambskin for the Trios is much darker and almost like a black in indoor lighting.
  3. I put a cup of white vinegar into a bowl of cold water. I leave my jeans for an hour or so then put on a cold wash with no detergent - and no smell remains lol. I do this before the first wear, from new, and it seems to seal the dye in.

    I guess you could do the same with a denim bag unless there are any embellishments or anything that shouldn’t be washed.
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  4. Hi guys!

    Speaking of Céline colours, does anyone has any bag in the "Espresso" shade? It really looks like black in pictures... but as I understood is a dark brown?
    I'm a bit confused, like this is a Espresso Mini belt bag...
    celine-palmelato-calfskin-mini-belt-bag-espresso-00 (1).jpg
  5. Hello! I fell in love with a pre-owned Celine Mini Luggage in black with parts Python! Does anyone own a Python Luggage and can let me know how they wear over time? Would you recommend it or would you rather stay away?
  6. Thank you! I tried what you said on a new pair of jeans first and it worked - and NO SMELL haha!! I'm still afraid to try it on my bag but I'm working up the courage. :smile:
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  7. Great to hear. I forgot to add I always wash in cold water with no detergent and never use heat to prolong the stretch and life.

    Look forward to hearing how it goes with the bag one day :hugs:
  8. I can shoulder carry my phantom, but it’s not the cutest look. If you need a big bag and must should carry, I’d look at one of the cabas totes!
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  9. Apologies if this was posted already but I was just on the Celine website. What is the difference between drummed calfskin vs. baby drummed calfskin? I can't tell from the pics. Does this mean a smaller grain or smoother texture?
  10. Hi everyone - I recently brought a Celine Phantom cabas and I love the slouchy leather and the super lightness of it. I love all slouchy bags, but my problem is, sometimes it’s hard for me to find anything in a hurry. Can anyone recommend a super lightweight and well made bag organizer? I have watched a ton of bag organizer videos on YouTube and they are mainly for LV’s neverfull or other totes and they are mainly recommendations for Samorga, CloverSac, and Original club. I don’t see much bag organizer for Celine bags that are non-luggage style. My main requirements for my bag organizer is light weight and well made because I live in NYC and I walk all the time. If possible, please post a picture of your bag organizer for Celine. TIA!
  11. I tried one size samorga in all my Céline bags but they since have sized one for the Cabas on their website, here’s mine

  12. I've repurposed my LV Speedy 30 Samorga (since I loathe that bag now) into the Small Phantom Cabas and it works fine.
  13. Thank you BlueCherry. Your link to your pictures were very helpful. Does the samorga organizer adds weight to the cabas? I have recently become somewhat of a SLG addict , so I’d carry a few slg in addition to my card cases and coin purse. I’m also a mom of two kids, so I carry snacks and water bottle.

    I think I will probably need to order more than one organizers. I also have a mini belt and a Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM that needs. Do you think if I order the once for the small cabas, it will fit the mini belt? Thank you!

    BTW, you blue cabas is a beautiful color. What season was it from?
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