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  1. Wow, I am sorry that happened to u. I bought from this seller before. I need to get my item authenticate. His feedback is 100%
  2. Hi, I am a mom and micro luggage is on my wishlist! I am 5'3'', so a mini is to big and heavy for me. I tried a mini on my shoulder and it was fine, also tried a micro also on my shoulder but I only had a shirt on and I am petite. But not sure if I can do it with a coat. That's why a bought small Phantom Cabas and it is a perfect bag for a mom!
  3. So jealous of you collection!
  4. Where’s the best place in the US to buy a Celine bag. Is It a department store (ie Nordstrom, Saks, Barneys, etc) online, or in a Celine Store? I’m thinking of purchasing my first Celine but I want to get It at the best place!
  5. Does anyone know why some pieces from the Summer 18 collection didn't make it to stores/I don't see as available online? I'm specifically thinking of that boxy rectangular clutch but there are also some other bags I didn't see on the website unless I'm missing something.
  6. Celine makes awesome sunglasses. That is all.
  7. I love Celine for clean, simple, elegant and practical bags. Even though I recently got disappointed with my purchase of a vertical cabas which I consequently returned I still want more Celine in my life! ;)
    Could someone give me a brief description/wear and tear of phantom cabas small (or other size) tote? I’m planning to buy it but haven’t seen it irl yet.
  8. I currently own a celine luggage micro in petrol color. But I recently fell in love with Celine luggage micro in Kohl color. If I can only have one celine luggage, should I get Kohl and sell petrol color, or should I keep petrol and let Kohl color go? Which color is more pretty in your opinion? Any input will be greatly appreciated.
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  9. I have a petrol trapeze and I have a cabas and a box in kohl. I find that I reach for the kohl more often but I think it’s due to the style of the bags. Petrol is a stunning colour whereas I see kohl as gorgeous but more neutral colour. I honestly love both so it would be such a hard decision as both are my favourite colours. Maybe look to the clothing colours you wear?
  10. Thanks for the sharing. Between petrol and kohl, which colour do you feel more durable in terms of avoiding getting dirty and showing sign of wearing? I had tendency to get both colours but I feel ridiculous, especially I do not like nano, which means I will get both in micro. I will feel pretty bad if I do that. So I am looking for a convincable reason to choose one versus the other.
  11. I don’t get colour transfer on any of my bags. I spray with collonil and I always treat denim with vinegar so as to avoid that issue. Having said that the darker petrol will show it less.
  12. Has anyone seen the "liquorice" color in person and can describe what it looks like in real life? I have a chance to get the trio in this color and I believe it's a new color as I can't remember having heard of it before but some of the online images show it as a purple, a taupe, or a dark grey and I can't tell which it really is. Thanks for any info in advance!
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  13. I saw the Liquorice color in the Trio and in the Frame bag with the Antique Rose combination. It's a beautiful color. It's really close to an Anthracite color with a subtle purple hint. I passed on it as it is so similar to my Black Trio. The bag is really light when it catches the sun, especially in the smooth lambskin Trios.
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  14. I have a lichorice mini clasp and I’ve seen a lichorice trio in my local Celine store. It’s a beautiful colour. In some light it can pass for black but in other light it’s a very dark brown black colour.
  15. I saw some pictures of it on the luggage and other bags in pebbled leather and in those, it really just looked like a dark grey. Would you say it looked simply like a dark grey or more like a black?