Celine Case Bag

  1. Does anyone know anything about the Celine Case Bag? I searched all over TPF and couldn't find any reference so I'm thinking it's a new bag. I can't get Doris from the Bal Harbour store to get back with me so I thought you guys could help. Here are some pics and here's the link on the Celine website.



  2. i this one is called "the shoulder bag" ?
  3. When I look online it's just called "Case Bag." Someone else referred to it as the "Case Flap Bag."
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    I was just doing a search for this Case Bag too - I was curious about them after visiting Paris (& Céline) for the first time two weeks ago. Their site differentiates between the medium (burgundy) and large sizes (dark green). The reason why I was curious is because they were really really heavy empty... I thought they were gorgeous when I saw them in-store, but then I picked up one and was surprised how heavy they were... (*edit* and was wondering if others thought the same.) I don't remember the price but from memory I thought that was too much to pay for a heavy bag...

    That said, I purchased my first Celine (and probably last for a long while) - the beige tricolour small trapeze :smile:
  5. Thank you so much for this info. My SA just emailed me to let me know what they have it in stock. I'm going to ask her about being a heavy bag, she's always very honest so I trust her answer.
  6. does anyone know how much this retails for?
  7. I saw the medium one today (the smaller one). It's $3250. It's so cute. I love it. I like the inside, looks like you can put a lot in there.
  8. I agree that the bag is very heavy empty (specifically the one with the gold chain) and it will only get heavier. The bag is very structured and reminds me of the box, which I really love. I think the leather is suppose to be different from the box and not as prone to scratches as the box (but don't quote me on that -- it's just what a random SA told me). It is lined beautifully with leather inside and has three sections if I remember correctly. I recall the medium size was unable to hold my hard sunny case comfortably so it was a deal killer for me, in addition to the weight issue. It was heavier than the Chanel jumbo flaps. However, it is a beautiful bag without a doubt! Just not sure if I can deal with the weight.
  9. ^I felt the case bag with the gold chain was on the heavy side as well. The interior leather lining with the 3 compartments was lovely, but I thought it couldn't hold enough of my things- I believe it retails for $4000+ in the US.
  10. Glad to see this thread - I was wondering what the leather was like on this bag. For the price point I thought it might be boxcalf, like the classic box flap bag. I'd love to know! Does anyone have side by side pics of the case bag and box bag?
  11. tried it on, way too heavy for me so I didn't even bother to ask for the price. I tried the suede one, love the outer back pocket but other than that nothing really blow my mind

    and the wider proportion is not my taste too, I prefer the box so much more
  12. I tried on the smaller one ($3250). The weight wasn't the issue. I love it.
  13. Dead heavy for me. And I'm quite used to heavy bags. It was like lifting a bag packed with concrete/marble/gold bars. Small but lethal. The SA in Paris actually started laughing because she said she'd never seen anyone lift that bag like a weightlifter.
  14. any mod pics yet? this looks very pretty!
  15. LoL :biggrin: I think when I picked one up, I looked at my SO and said "omg" loud enough for everyone to hear around us. I just wasn't expecting that. Do you remember the price zapster?