Celine Canvas Care

  1. I hope that this is not a duplicate thread, I did a search but could not find one regarding the Celine Canvas/Leather Luggage Tote.

    I was wondering if anybody owns the bag and has suggestions in its maintenance....I'm not sure if I should treat it and I know I'll have to be careful because of it's color so does anybody have any tips? Whether the type of product(s) I should use to help maintain it or if I could spot clean, etc.

  2. Spray it with scotchgard, we used it in our car to protect the seats - 3 years ago and all I have to do is wipe them down to remove stains. It is safe for canvas. I'd wipe down your bag first, spray scotchgard and let it dry for an hour.
  3. Perfect. Ill do it tomorrow thanks so much!
  4. ^^ You're welcome =)
  5. Which one would it be? Is it the auto interior fabric protector?
  6. I got scotchgard at target! For fabric care.....it was by the swiffer products in the cleaning supply section.
  7. Thanks!!