Celine Cabas Phantom vs LV Neverfull Epi vs Hermes Garden Party

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  1. Hello!
    I am in a slight conundrum choosing a black tote bag for my wife to take to work. The bag will hold, for now, a 13" macbook pro + normal bag stuff.

    We stopped by the Celine store in soho last weekend and looked at the Celine Cabas Phantom Tote. This was my wife's initial first choice as she has a few other Celine bags and is a fan. Unfortunately the salesman informed us that carrying a 13" MBP in this bag would break the bag. It kind of felt like he was trying to upsell us on another bag: The Sangle, which while perhaps more functional, my wife was not a fan of.

    Based on the above information I have poked around a bit and found the LV Neverfull in Epi leather. We were away the other weekend with her friends and many had the canvas version. It seems more substantial in person than the Celine.

    Another bag that I found that looks like a fit but is a fair amount more expensive is the Hermes Garden Party. This looks like a great bag and I would prefer the brand vs LV. However, we are getting fairly expensive for a daily work tote that will likely be beat to hell in 3 years. Also could be a bit much for a corporate office environment?

    Are there any other bags that I should be looking at?
    How would the durability of the above three bags compare?
    Will the Celine really break?
    Any questions that I should be asking but am missing?

    Thanks so much in advance!
  2. I'd opt for the Hermes because of the shoulder strap issue. I have a Ferragamo XL Bice that I put my 15" MBP into for work. It feels like the tote is going to break and it hurts my shoulder. Usually I end up carrying the lap top separate from my bag of its a long walk through the parking lot. A good shoulder strap will help with this but be careful that the shoulder strap is not too thin because again that cuts into the shoulder and hurts! Good luck.
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  3. I carry a laptop in my Celine luggage. That bag feels very durable, built to last. I have mine in pebbled leather which is hardy. I would never get the smooth leather as it will look a mess in 6 months time.
    An older model of the Ysl carry all sac du jour is also a great work/laptop bag. It can get heavy but it is sturdy
  4. Out of the 3 I have the H GP. It's one of the best bags I ever bought but I'd never carry my laptop in it. I carry a purpose-built Liberty/Apple padded briefcase to work every day and if needed a handbag too. My lap-top is too precious to be in an open-top bag (a GP wouldn't close with one in) and although the handles are stitched all the way around it would pull the bag out of shape. If it's a tiny laptop I suppose she could use the GP with an insert.

    In all honestly none of these shopping totes make good laptop bags at all, even the smaller, newer, slimmer models of computer still seem too heavy to cart around to me.
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  5. The three bags doesn't sound like they r made for laptops.

    If you are set on these three, suggest picking the bag with the widest shoulder strap.

    Heavy bags will dig into the shoulder skin and it does hurt.
  6. I wouldn't like the lv, straps are unfortunately way too skinny
  7. The Céline looks bulky to me. I saw one at a consignment store and I just didn't like its proportions.
    The GP is a great bag but as, Papertiger said, I would never carry a laptop in it.
    The LV fits a lot and if you have a look at LV Neverfull Clubhouse in the LV forum , you will find useful posts from ladies who use it as a work bag.
  8. Of the 3 preferences, I have the H's GP 36. As you said, it's an expensive bag and I do not like to carry a heavy bag. Hence, I didn't put my laptop inside. I would carry it separately.

    H has canvas GP too. So you may check that out.

  9. I agree with those who both pick the GP and also wouldn't carry a laptop in it. If I had to carry a laptop every day, I'd go to Tumi and pick out a dedicated laptop bag. That said, I stuff all kinds of stuff in my Garden Party's -- water bottles, notebooks, umbrellas, changes of clothes -- and they are very durable bags. But almost any bag will sag a bit if you overstuff it. Maybe that's what the SA at Celine meant about "breaking" the bag, but if anyone told me one of their company's bags would break, I'd stop shopping there! As far as being "too much" for a corporate environment, the GP is about as understated as you can get -- much less flashy than Celine, and a generally less recognizable design than the Neverfull. And if it looks like hell in 3 years, as you put it, you can always bring it in to Hermes Spa.
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