Celine C Bag

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  1. So I've been waiting for quite a while for someone to start this thread. Just as I've been eyeing this bag since I laid hands on a C bag couple of months bag. I couldn't get it off my mind since I saw it and held it. It's a perfect bag for me. The size is small but it holds all my essentials even better than the slightly larger Boy bag or Diorama. The compartment inside is so strategically designed and holds my items comfortably. Whereas the exact same items I have to kinda squeeze them in the Boy bag.

    The quality of the leather is also luxurious. Calf skin exterior and lambskin interior. Feels amazing. The only thing that was holding me back is the lack of publicity/information/social media exposure or rather.... not so ideal reviews of the new range offered by Hedi Slimane. And so I went to buy a Fendi just to fill the void of not having this bag. But I still intentionally walk past Celine boutique almost every week.

    And so I finally pulled the trigger. I just love this bag. I think it's a very understated and yet elegant bag. Love the feel of it and how my things fit so nicely inside. And it's actually the same size as a camera bag.

    Just wanted to share my love for it!
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  2. More pics from Instagram...
    Screenshot_20190421-194522_Instagram.jpg 20190420_225640.jpg 20190420_225654.jpg
  3. It looks gorgeous and the leather looks amazing! Congrats and enjoy!!
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  4. Thank you so much! Have a great weekend !
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  5. Its beautiful
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  6. Thank you! I think so too
  7. Out with my C bag today !
    Happy Mother's Day to all you beautiful mummies

    ] 20190512_203353.jpg

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  8. Thanks for sharing. I ordered this bag as a Mother's Day gift to myself. How have you enjoyed using the bag over the past couple weeks? I love the new Celine, everything down to the new packaging.

    I can't find many posts on here with the new pieces so I enjoyed your photos a lot!
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  9. I didn't like this at first, but it's grown on me some! Your pics are amazing, and I hope you are loving your bag. How is the quality?
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  10. Its gorgeous. I loved it!
    Thanks for sharing :smile:
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  11. Thank you for your kind words! And congrats on getting the C Bag for your own Mother's Day gift! We all deserve a little reward for days like these and to give ourselves a pat on the back for a good job done with our kids .

    The thing I love about this bag most is how practical and functional it really is. Because of the compartments I'm able to put my stuff nicely and they are so easy to reach. When you open the bag it's like an accordion which opens wide.
    The interior is lambskin lining and by now it has softened a bit. But the good thing about lambskin is it's thin so the interior is not bulky nor stiff but still feels luxurious. The exterior is calfskin so it still holds the shape well.

    I've taken pictures of my things in the C bag vs Boy bag. Though the Boy is slightly longer I usually have some slight struggle putting my phone back into the bag as it's a bit of a squeeze. But the C bag is easily accessible. Very cleverly designed I feel. I also love the style, small and elegant but practical.

    Can't wait to see your pictures of the new bag. Do share with us ok?
    20190515_214550.jpg 20190515_215402.jpg
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  12. Awww... thank you for such sweet words . I love this bag and the quality is great. There's a sense of sturdiness to the feel of the leather... if you know what i mean. Maybe also because of the quilting, I don't see any scratches so far. Definitely above my expectations.
    Check it out if you can.
  13. Thank you!
  14. Hi is this the medium size, I am considering buying the bag in camel. Do you have more images of the chain doubled ?
    i is the
  15. Hi this is the medium indeed. Here's a pic of it double chain.

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