Celine box - no serial number?

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  1. Hello fellow Celine lovers,

    I just made a big purchase for a preloved Celine box from fashionphile. Was excited to receive the bag, but realized there's no serial number. I did a thorough search for the serial number inside the zipper pocket, but it is non-existent.

    The bag I bought is a 2014 production spazzolato vermilion. I know for a fact a 2014 spazzolato azur sold by Fashionphile a while back had serial number.

    Now I'm quite worried.... if anyone can help, I'd really appreciate the input!

    I've also attached some pictures of the bag...if anyone sees any warning signs, please flag me! (I've already sent this to an authentication service, but the no serial number situation is really bugging me).

    Much thanks :smile:
    IMG_3888.JPG IMG_3889.JPG IMG_3897.JPG IMG_3901.JPG IMG_3917.JPG IMG_3929.JPG IMG_3931.JPG
  2. Serial imprint is inside the zipper pocket, towards the edge if I remember correctly.
  3. Thanks for the input JMC3007! I tripled checked in the zipper pocket, there is no sign of the serial number.....hence why I'm concerned......have you heard anyone talk about a box bag with no serial number being authentic? I know some members have mentioned that some 2015 goatskin production with no serial number, but this is not a goatskin....(and it's sister bag of the same season and of the same leather but different color has serial number)

    Love the box but to discern the authenticity of the bag is a real art.
  4. Look again, serial imprint should be there, maybe shine a flashlight while prying the pocket open, it’s very awkward not to mention difficult to try to photograph. 4C15AC72-3234-46D7-8D49-06CC696301F4.jpeg
  5. Hi there! Did u ever locate the serial number as I cannot locate mine.
  6. Hi! It should be in the inner zip pocket, lower left corner. I had to have a friend pry open the bag while I put a flashlight inside.
  7. Thanks
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    Hi everyone!

    I was recently gifted a Céline Classic black box from a relative of mine in the process of downsizing, a first edition run of the bag from 2010. I am so thrilled and excited, though admittedly, the bag is in good need of a little TLC from the bag spa (some scratches in the leather, edge paint wearing off in some spots). In the process of gathering receipt and tags from purchase and trying to locate any other potential concerns, I found myself unable to find a serial number.

    I know it is usually quite difficult to find the serial number on these bags, but after peeling each inch of the insides apart and studying with a small flashlight, I have no idea where else to look. Does anyone with a first or very early edition of this bag have any tell on where I might be able to locate? (Perhaps @Sophia)?

    Happy to upload any photos if needed.
  9. bumping this ... I also bought a used box (large) from fashionphile but it has no serial number in the zipper pocket. it has a leather tag with a code on it in the phone pouch in the front section. Does anyone know whether the Celine box ever had the serial no. on a leather tag instead of printed in the zipper pocket?

    I am a new to buying "preloved". If I have authenticity concerns what does one normally do?