Celine Box Medium Price Drop

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  1. Checked out the website this morning and noticed that the Celine Box Medium bags dropped from $4400 to $3950!
    Was there ever an announcement? I wonder why they did that. I don’t know if the Small or Teen sizes adjusted too, since I was never in the market for them.
    I had just bought a Medium Box from Europe for 3100 Euros, and the price difference had been massive when the Box was 4400 USD, maybe the price drop is to close that gap a little?
    Anyway, good news to anyone considering a Medium Box :smile:
  2. Yes! I just noticed this as well since I was in the market for a Celine box bag and finally bought the red Teen one in Paris about 2 weeks ago.

    The small box went from $3400 --> $3100
    The teen box is new on the market at $3250
    The medium went from $4400 --> $3950

    The prices in euros are
    Small box 2400 Euros
    Teen box 2500 Euros
    Medium box 3100 Euros

    I hope this is very helpful for anybody in the market for a new box bag :smile:
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  3. Yay that’s good news. I love both classic box and the triomphe box grows on me too .
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  4. I wonder if there’s going to be changes (increases or decreases) in other countries/currencies or for other styles.
  5. anyone know if other styles are being adjusted too? I’m about i get the belt bag
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  6. Does anyone know if the price drop took effect in Canada as well?
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  7. Yes it did! My Nordstrom SA told me about the price drop. Celine at Nordstroms and Holts are concessions, as I understand it, so they are independent of the department stores themselves and controlled directly by LVMH. This suggests to me that you'd get the exact same prices across all Celine concessions in Canada.