Celine box - is it worth the $3900

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  1. Hi ladies - I am contemplating buying a Celine box bag - probably the smaller one. Wanted one for the longest time but did not pull the trigger as the leather gets scratched so easily. However the price just kept going up and up. I am pretty strongly thinking of getting one now but just don't know if this bag is worth it. Your input is much appreciated.
  2. It's a beautiful classic bag, and I LOVE it, but I'm not quite sure it's worth $3900. Even though I buy Chanel that are higher priced, I have a hard time justifying $3900 USD +tax for this bag for some reason. I am debating on whether to get it when I am in Europe, where it will probably net out to be around $3000ish.

    It can be paired with a lot of outfits, so I think your effective 'cost' is lowered -- as compared to some other fancy bag that you might only take to weddings or cocktail events. As you mentioned, the biggest gripe about the bag is how easily it scratches. And the scratches look very obvious. That said, I have a small red box bag that I've been using here and there, and haven't had any issues yet.
  3. I'd say if you know that you like the bag and are comfortable with what a fits (not a ton), then it is a very versatile and classic piece that won't go out of style any time soon. I agree however that if you can get it in Europe, the price is much better (I saved around $700-$1000 buying one in Paris two years ago). If you're worried about scratching and know that it bothers you, I'd suggest getting the liege leather or goatskin leather as I've heard both of those are quite durable in comparison.
  4. I was in the same boat, i still think its too expensive. However the box bag is definitely so luxurious. Its lined in lamb skin and feels amazing. I got mine from fashionphile brand new for a significant discount. I stalk that site like no one else. I highly suggest maybe looking into consignment or preloved. U can score something on a discount - just kno your most wanted combo and dont settle. Good luck!
  5. I really love this bag. I think compared to other bags you definitely get "more bag for your buck" if that makes sense lol. The lining is leather too which makes it amazing. And the strap is removable so you can wear it multiple ways. I think this bag has A LOT of lasting power and will look good even 20 years from now.

    I have one in optic white with silver hardware. So modern and sleek!
  6. Ladies - will my iPhone 6 Plus fit in the smaller one? I am looking to get the small box. Red or black? Please help!
  7. I remember someone testing it out in theirs saying it fit just barely but was a really tight squeeze while others said it would not fit at all so if it does fit, its probably without a case and you'd have to shove it in there with no wiggle room.
  8. You would need to put it diagonal, the iPhone 6 Plus. And if your case is bulky, it might not fit. I can barely close the bag with these items in it here.

    I think the red this (past) season is very versatile. I thought the black smaller one was a bit underwhelming to look at (black regular size is gorgeous!). JMHO.

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  9. I also wondered if it was worth such a high price tag. However, it really did fit the bill with all that i wanted in a purse. The things I contemplated about before purchasing the bag was how often I would/could wear it and would I WANT to use it in the far future. You can easily transform the bag from day to evening wear and also could easily dress up or down with the box bag, which means I can wear it pretty much whenever I want to. It also has no logos/print outside of the bag, meaning I would not get bored of the print and the purse isn't as easily recognizable to everyone (for days you want to be discreet). The small box bag is $2950 USD and overall, i thought the bag would stand the test of time.
  10. Is your Box in small size?

    Does anyone have a medium and have a photo of what can you fit inside? I usually carry a small wallet, phone, sunglasses, LV Multi cles, lipstick and a small hand cream. Wondering if it's like filling it up to the brim and would be difficult to close or cause stress to the leather? I've always wanted this but also have doubts if I'll be able to fit my daily essentials and use it often enough Would love to hear your thoughts. Thank you.
  11. MrsQ - yes my box in pic above is the smaller size.
  12. Is a classic style, but I would be worried about scratches, looks like smooth leather
  13. I am wondering exactly the same thing too! I really want to get one. I would prob be worried about scratches too.

    Does anyone know how the small or medium box compares to the celine nano luggage, in terms of how much you can fit inside?
  14. I have that worry too. I just bought a box bag, and im wondering if i should keep it. It doesnt fit very much, and deceptively small.
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  15. I just got the medium box bag in red about a month ago and every time I use it, I just fall in love with it all over again! It's a very classic and luxurious bag. The box leather and lamb interior is oh-so-beautiful. But on the 3rd day I used the bag, the bag hit a metal pole and it got scratched. The scratch will not go away even after buffing it with blackrock leather cream. [emoji174] Even though I have to baby the bag like crazy, I can't stop thinking of getting another one! I can definitely see myself using this bag for a long long time.

    The bag's not very spacious. I can only fit a long zippy wallet, a key holder, a lip balm and lipstick, a card holder and an iPhone 6 Plus. I can feel the bag stretching when trying to close it. Wouldn't recommend to overstuff the bag due to the way the straps hang, the sides of the flap may turn upward. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1467389918.467465.jpg
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