(Celine Box) is it true that Ombré Lizard Skin will turn yellow?

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  1. Hi girls,

    I have always wanted a Celine box in ombré lizard skin and was lucky enough to score one 2 weeks ago in UK. However, after doing some research on this lizard skin, I don’t know if I should keep this beauty. They say the white part of the ombré will eventually turn yellow (especially if you expose it under the sun). Has this happened to anybody??? Please let me know cause I really want to keep this beauty. But given the price, if the white can’t remain white in the future after usage, I don’t think it’s worth to pay so much for a bag that will turn yellow :sad:

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  2. My friend had the mini clasp in this leather and it did turn yellow and she had to sell it
  3. Thanks for your comment! Was it really bad? After how long from when she was purchased till it turned yellow?
  4. I think it was 1-2 years after she bought it, and it was yellow to a level that she no longer wanted it or thought it looked nice