Celine Box in Leopard

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  1. Hi everyone, I'm very new to Celine and don't own any (yet!). I hope someone and enlighten me on what size this box is and what sizes did this print came in? Im thinking it's a medium, but I'm really not sure... I'm about 5 ft, would this look small on me? Also, do u think this Leopard box will be "out of style" soon since its not the classic all leather style.

    Thanks and any comments are welcome :smile:
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    One more question ... are leopard prints on each bag different? TIA!

    Found some pictures of Amanda Brooks wearing what I think is the same bag. Is hers a medium too?

  3. Both look like medium to me. Personally I prefer all leather. The leopard print could look dated in the future. Maybe tie a leopard scarf on the all leather box to give it a similar feel?
  4. yes I believe they are both in medium
    I think go all leather for your first box, I find leopard or any hair is hard to maintain. therefore you can't use it as much
    and also it is not as classic and long lasting as the all leather
  5. The leopard print on pony hair will bald in the near future. I would recommend a full leather box. :smile:
  6. Thanks everyone!

    One of the reason why I am looking at this leopard print box is because I might be able to get one for a good deal. I am pretty sure this wouldn't be my "everyday" bag and I would only use it on a night out or to parties. But thanks for letting me know that pony hair will eventually bald. I have to really think about this one then ... :thinking:
  7. if you can get it for a good price and if that is really good price then why not lol
    I love deals and found I do change my mind when it comes to good deal
  8. That's my problem too! Good deals are my weakness, LOL!

    Well, we are still talking in thousand even if it's a good price so it's still alot of money... But it's good compared to what they retail for right now!