Celine Box Bags in Paris

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  1. Hello all!

    I will be heading to Paris this month and am looking to get a Celine box bag in the medium size and had a few questions I was hoping some of you lovely ladies may be able to answer for me.
    I've searched the other threads here under Celine and while there are lots of answers for the luggage and trapeze, there seems to not be very much for the box bag.

    I am planning to purchase a box in the normal calfskin leather. So I am wondering which of the Celine boutiques and which of the department stores usually have the best stock/biggest selection of box bags?

    I am also wondering if anyone knows the current price of a medium box bag in euros to compare to the current price in USD (is it still $3900 or has there been a price increase?).

    Do the boutiques/department stores carry past seasons' colors or only the current season?

    Are there certain stores that sell Celine where it is easier to do the VAT refund than others?

    Thanks so so much to everyone in advance for any advice on this matter!
  2. I'd like to know the price, too. It seems like no one has info on the Box. :sad:
  3. I recently (about a week ago) got in touch with two Celine boutiques about the price of the calfskin medium box. It is currently €2400 including VAT and €1967 without VAT.

    These stores were Italian but I believe it should cost the same in Paris.
  4. Thanks so much for this info! I was hoping there hadn't been a price increase yet on the classic box so this is good news!
  5. My friend just helped me buy 1 from Paris. It costs EUR 2,400 incl. VAT.

    Good luck!
  6. No worries onepiece101, I hope you find your perfect bag :smile: Buying a Celine in Paris must be an amazing experience.
  7. The box in python costs 3400 fyi :smile:

    When I was in Paris I only visited the department stores but the only thing I saw were SLG's. Hope that's changed now. It was probably a bad time to visit (sept).
  8. Hi

    it seems the small is 1800€ and the big is 2500 € in paris (if i heard my seller right), don't go to montaigne av, the shop is under maintenance, the françois premier is a good bet but the salesgirls are not the nicest, my favourite stays the bon marché.

    Wishing you a happy stay in Paris,
  9. Just wanted to thank every one here for the helpful advice before my trip to Paris! I was able to pick up the classic blue box from the Rue de Grenelle boutique without any problems. Thanks so much once again to everyone!
  10. Congrats on your new purchase onepiece101.

    Same as you, I will be in Paris in early June, for 6 days, and intend to get a box bag too. Still considering calf skin (in grey) or python (in blue), medium size.

    Appreciate if you could tell me more about the stock of the shop in Rue de Grenelle. Which color did you purchase at last? and how much does it cost? is it 2400euro inc. VAT, or as per another, it is 2500euro? How much tax refund did you manage to have?

    I've been longing for a box bag for few years. Sincerely hope that I can hunt down one.

    Looking forward to your reply. :smile:
  11. I'm happy to help! The classic box was indeed 2400 euro with VAT included. As for the tax refund, I'm still waiting to receive it as I chose the credit card refund option. I believe the tax refund should amount to around 288 euro (according to my receipt) depending on your refund method.

    I first went to Printemps and when I was there (about 2 weeks ago), they had the classic box in indigo, coral, and the shiny spazzolato black with silver hardware. The Rue de Grenelle store (which is the only other one I went to) had the classic box in camel (with suede lining), the true red color (sorry don't remember the exact name), the classic blue, slate blue, a light grey/cream color (I believe it was powder but I may be wrong), indigo, and a bright yellow color. I didn't check or see about exotic leather as I wasn't planning on purchasing one of those.

    Hope this helps!
  12. Thanks onepiece101 for your prompt reply.

    May I know which color did you purchase? Would be nice if you can share your baby with us!

    Hope that I will be able to get my dream bag by the time I am in Paris too! Per your advice, I think I will drop by the Rue de Grelle store instead!
  13. Hi there, do you mean the Le Bon Marche department store on 22 Rue de Sevres? Thank you! :smile:
  14. Yup, its the Bon Marche department store.
  15. Wow, I had no idea it's so much cheaper to purchase a box in Europe! Almost $1,000 USD in savings after factoring in the VAT refund!