Celine Box bag

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  1. hello all, I have been interested in the box bag for some time and actually went and tried one today and was utterly gobsmacked by the beauty and versatility of this bag. Would love to know pros and cons of having this bad and it’s durability. I’ve seen a YouTube video in which someone complained about glazing. Also how does the box calf hold up compared to the more textures leather like goat skin. I have searched for a thread on this and couldn’t find one. TYA!
  2. Following your thread if you don’t mind because I also fell in love with the Box bag and have the exact same questions.
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  3. I have a grey box bag and the leather does scratch a little. It doesn’t bother me and does blend in. It can get a little heavy at times as it’s all leather. However it’s a stunning bag, exquisitely crafted and beautifully understated. I wouldn’t be without it.
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  4. Thanks for your answer. Do you have a picture?
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  5. Here it is new


    And here are some of the scratches, to be fair I did drop it on a gravel footpath



    The inside of the bag is still immaculate

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  7. Thank you :flowers:
  8. Your bag is gorgeous! As for the scratches they’re not that visible in the end.
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  9. Thanks and yes they don’t really show as much as the photos suggest
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  10. What a gorgeous color! Thank you for sharing. The scratches are not that obvious. I am curious how liege and goatskin hold up and whether they are lighter in weight. This is helpful. Thank you again!
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  11. Thank you, the colour is really versatile all year round and the scratches are hardly noticeable in use. I was curious about liege but my SA suggested it’s not a leather that fares well when scratched and anyway he adores the smooth, natural leathers.
  12. Mine is in box calf and camel color. It has scratches but not as visible. It’s beautiful. My only complaint is its size. I got the medium but it’s not big enough for iPad (which i carry everyday). So most of the time I use gucci’ Dionysus or my other bigger bags.
  13. I did found that truth myself :shocked: Scratches on liege don't blend in:yucky: Still love the bag but it won't be as carefree as i assumed when decided against box calf.
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  14. I have the medium in camel in classic box leather - it’s a beautiful bag but I cannot carry an iPad in it which means that I tend to use it sparingly. Re scratches they do show but they buff out and I like the little character this brings. I would never part with it!
  15. Do you have pictures of you box bag in liege? Super curious to see the scratches. Thanks!