Celine box bag strap problem

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  1. I bought my first celine box bag, but I'm frustrated because I can't figure out how to adjust the strap. I want to wear it short like this, but what's going on with this hanging part? Please help me.
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  2. You just tuck that into the 2 slots underneath the flap, it may take some force though.
  3. Or can you tuck it in the bag?
  4. I had asked this question a while ago and apparently you have to deal with the strap hanging out like that by just tucking it in to the bag under the flap after every time you open it up. I wouldn't suggest trying to shove the extra strap into the slot underneath the flap as the slots can barely fit the one strap part, let alone doubling it. You would have to wait until the slots have loosened up over time to do that I would think.
  5. When I asked how to do that at the store, the sale rep just shoved the strap into the slots underneath the flap! It gave me a heart attack because my bag was brand new, but then i'm the type of person who use my bag and don't extremely baby it, so I was like... Ok what the heck, might as well!
  6. Been there, done that.
    And I was a little worried it’d be bad for the lizard scales, but it survived fine ;)