Celine box bag - are you still loving yours?

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Is the classic box bag worth it?

  1. yes

  2. no

  3. unsure

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  1. Hi ladies,

    I'm considering the purchase of a Celine classic box bag. They're everything I could ever want in a bag - sleek, chic, minimalistic. However, I'm worried that they might be a bit fragile. I've seen a few scary pictures of sagging, wrinkled box bags (see attached images). They look pretty awful and I don't want to spend thousands of dollars on something that ages this disgracefully.

    So, to those who have owned the Celine classic box bag for a while, how do you feel about it? Is it still in good condition? Do you still use it often and does it still bring you joy? :lol:

  2. The thing that bothers me about the box is Celine's inability/unwillingness to refurbish it. Maybe it comes from my being a big Hermes fan (it's waning), but Hermes' has the similar bag and will refurbish it. (granted it is more expensive, but IMHO the Celine is expensive too.) When the box first came out, I ran to BG to get one, and every one on the display was scratched and mucked up. I couldn't bring myself to pull the trigger. I love how they look, but not how they wear.
  3. Honestly, Celine annoy me with their overly-strict restrictions on product distribution, trying to seem all elite and exclusive. Yet they do not offer the customer service one would expect of such a brand. It comes off as a bit pretentious, insular and out-of-touch.

    It's SUCH a beautiful bag though :cry:
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  4. ^ I think with your pre-conceived notions about the brand, it will be hard to enjoy the beauty of the Box bag. I say pass.

    I have witnessed people falling in love with their Box bags and I think that with proper storage and handling of the bag, it should be sturdier than it is painted to be. It is NOT a bag for someone who loves their bag nick-free and pristine. It is a bag to be used and loved...
  5. Hah, I'm just bitter because I love their products and it's a pain in the bum trying to buy them where I live. I'm a fan of the brand but not of the decision to bar retailers from selling Celine online.
  6. I have black, coral, white and green and I love them all. I wouldn't consider a bag IF it is a maybe! You either love or hate it.
  7. I'm glad to hear it!

    Every bag is only a "maybe" until I know that, with proper love and care, it will look good for years to come :noworry:
  8. To me the Box bag is such a classic bag that will last through time. It is what got me interested in Celine. I agree with what was said that it is not for someone who likes pristine-looking bags. The imperfections just add to the character of the bag. You can condition the leather to make the flaws blend-in a bit and make them less noticeable if you wish.
  9. I brought my box bag out last night to admire her. :shame: That wasn't the original intention, but its what happened all the same.

    I only have one - large black - and it is a fave. I love that I can wear it with anything and still look cute. As for sagging and wrinkling, I have had no such issues. My leather is as stiff as it was when I purchased over 2 years ago. I will concede that the bag has some scratches/scuffs. But, they would be gone/diminished if I took the time to condition and clean the bag - something I haven't done in almost a year.

    If you like the box, try it out. If you don't like it, then pass. Like you, OP, I agree that Celine's post-purchase customer care could be better. Still, I think a box is worth owning if you like it and can afford it.

  10. I totally understand how you like the classic box and what you concern. I also like the "sleek, chic, minimalistic" way of it as you mentioned. I'm thinking to get one too.

    P.S. Your Noe is beautiful:smile: I also have a petit Noe which is indigo :smile:
  11. Yes, still love them. I have three and one is quite old (2010) and it looks almost new despite good use. Absolutely zero signs of sagging or creasing in any of them.
    Stingray is a great choice if you want an easy care box.
  12. Thank you so much for your thoughts everyone, it's really valuable information. It's heartening to see that most of you are still enjoying your box bags.

    I accept that scratches are inevitable, and definitely don't think that they spoil the look of the bag (they actually make the camel box, in particular, look very distinguished!). It's the sagging that really concerned me. But that said, I can find very few examples of sagging boxes, so I shall assume it's the exception, not the rule.

    Thank you! Noe club represent :cool:
  13. Just came back to add, I recall an old discussion (probably in the Celine Streetstyle thread) about what could contribute to the sagging in a box bag. It was mentioned that over-filling the bag could cause strain on the hardware/lock, which would contribute to the sagging some of the pictures above portray.

    Go get yourself a box, girl! :P
  14. I must echo the sentiment that Celine does not stand behind their products yet wants consumers to feel as if they are buying into some type of elite club. I have no issue with paying good money for my bags; however, when the company offers little to no customer service and is totally unwilling to help with quality issues and refurbishments, the price tag becomes an issue. I do love my Celine pieces, but as the prices continue to rise, I'll be looking into other brands.

    I've owned several Boxes over the years, and I never got good use out of any of them. They seem so difficult to care for and can easily scratch. The issue is that if anything were to ever happen to the bag, Celine wouldn't fix it. I'm not paying X amount of dollars for a bag that I have to worry about. Sorry.
  15. I bought my large box used and it is perfect. Don't use it much. Afraid to get rained on. My fault, not celine

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