Celine boutiques in NY shipping to other states?

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  1. Does anyone have contact information for Celine SAs in Barney's or Bergdorf Goodman in New York? I'm also wondering if Celine boutiques in department stores will ship to a different state? I know Chanel boutiques in department stores can do this and am wondering if Celine boutiques can do the same thing. Thanks for any info in advance!
  2. Yes, Celine boutiques will ship to other states.
  3. I have a great SA at Bergdorf Goodman if you'd like to PM me for SA info. Also the Celine boutiques will ship out of state as well and so does Chanel now too :smile:
  4. Will do, thanks! Good to hear that the stand-alone boutiques will ship to other states and that Chanel does it too now.
  5. Yes, I'm in Michigan and have a great SA at the Céline boutique in Miami- Design District location. No sales tax for me either since I purchased it from a freestanding Céline boutique and we do not have any in Michigan.
  6. Did you have to pay shipping from Miami to Michigan? Just trying to decide between places like BG and the Celine boutiques themselves.
  7. Yes the Celine Boutiques charge a minimum of $15 for shipping and BG has free shipping
  8. Does anyone happen to have a good SA at Barney's in New York, at any of the Barney's that sell Celine or at either of the two NY Celine boutiques?