CELINE Boutique Sales have started!

  1. Girls,
    I just heard that the Celine Boutiques have started their sale!
    I think some of the Bittersweet bags/Boogie/Double Satchel etc. are included.
    Discounts range from 20 - 40% off.
    South Coast Plaza 714-641-1315 ask for Jose!
    Good luck Girls - Post if you get some goodies!
  2. Wow, great! Thanks for posting!
  3. Bump --
    Has anyone seen the Violet Patent Double Satchel that is on the Celine site?
  4. thank's for posting!
  5. I want to find Bittersweet on sale in San Francisco. Anybody hear anything around here?

    Does anyone know if I can just call the toll free or other boutique to do phone order?
  6. Thanks ciymee... Got that Bittersweet from NM with a good deal!!!!
  7. Great! I'm glad you got it. I'm expecting mine to arrive next week. Can't wait to get it.