Celine Boogie - yes or no?

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  1. hello everyone... :P i need your opinion if i should get a celine boogie bag or not. positive and negative comments are welcome, especially from those who own one. thanks a lot!
  2. I think it depends on what you're looking for in a bag. I love my Boogie bags - they're well-made and hold a lot. However, you can only carry them by hand (unless you have toothpicks for arms :biggrin:) and many people consider that a pretty big limitation.
  3. Can you post a pic?
  4. I LOVE boogie bags. SOOO classy and timeless.
  5. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]Nice, excellent quality bags...but not my cup of tea. :blink:
  6. I do not own a boogie bag, but would love to have one someday. I think they are just so classic looking... something that will never go out of style.
  7. Beautiful bag but maybe it's not my style.
  8. I think the Celine Boogie is a classic and versatile bag.
  9. I think the clandestine med. is cuter!
  10. I love the Boogie!
  11. I like that the Boogie bags have interior compartments/pockets. I don't know if I'd be happy with a bag that I couldn't at least carry on my arm, though. But I have looked at these in the stores and they are beautiful bags. A few days ago, there were some marked way down on Bluefly.com.
  12. I can carry mine in the crook of my arm, though it's a little tough when wearing a heavy winter coat. However, it really is more of a hand-carry bag.

    There were?????!!!! :sad2: (I cry, my wallet cheers.)
  13. They're cute.
  14. I've had a Boogie on my wish list for ages. I figure they will always be around, so no hurry. I'm waiting for the perfect color...

    But I was in the Celine boutique the other day, and they have so many more varieties than you usually see in department stores or online...I wanted at least 3 of them, lol.
  15. Oooh can't wait to go to a boutique! I love the Boogie!