Celine boogie or LV epi speedy?

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  1. Both are handheld bags... i'm leaning towards the boogie as it is less common.. although i suspect the vote will go to LV... both are classics IMO.....
  2. I like the Boogie, I regret not buying one a few years back when it was 60% off at the Celine store. I ended up with the wallet, but I couldn't afford the bag. I also love the name :smile:
  3. I like both about equally. Like you said though, the Boogie is less common. A pro for the Speedy is that it has a zipper, but the Boogie doesn't.
  4. I love the Celine Boogie, but for some reason, I never bought one.
  5. boogie has a zipper compartment, so i could at least put my valuables in there... why are people not buying the boogie????
  6. I don't know, that's a good question. After I got my Celine wallet (this was early 2005, I think), I did a search on ebay for Celine and found only a few sellers. Look at it this way, you have something more unique if you get the boogie :smile:
  7. Hi, I own both the Celine Boogie and the LV Mono Speedy. While I like both bags, I think you should get the Boogie. It is much "cooler" (as in hip) looking -- it has nice compartments to divide things in. I find that the Speedy, while it is truly a classic, is just a sac to dump things in. In fact, I'm using my Speedy now as a cosmetics carryall when I travel. You might end up buying both, since they are both classic bags. But start with the Boogie. I got mine at Woodbury Common Outlet for about $300. The Speedy will never go on sale.
  8. I personally prefer the Boogie - I don't like the obvious monogram of LV, I also think carrying LV is more like carrying luggage.
  9. I love the look of celine boogie and this new season Pink color is very very very cute!!! Anyway, I will never bought it for myself. I'm rather a royalty bag fan so my money will devoted to Chanel and LV. There are always be other bags on my wishlists came before the celine boogie and I ended up not buying one yet.
  10. i like the boogie as well
  11. I can tell you that from a purely practical standpoint, the Celine's don't hold their value. If you have any intention of selling it later on...the LV would be the way to go. If it's gonna be a lifetime "keeper," then go with the one you really like best.
  12. Both are classic and iconic bags. =)
    I vote for Boogie now and Speedy in the future.
  13. Lv
  14. My vote goes to Boogie.I want to own one myself.
  15. Boogie!! what the hell have both, if I should die tomorrow I'm being buried with mine!!!!