Celine Boogie Bag in Pink Calfkin - pictures!

  1. As promised, pictures of my pink calfskin Celine Boogie bag. Limited edition for S/S 2006. It's in a really love baby pink, not bright at all but sweet and lovely. Enjoy the pictures!!


  2. Cute, adorable with your outfit!
  3. What a pretty pink bag! It's so ladylike! Congrats!
  4. Its adorable OMG! I just wanna touch it LOL
  5. Thanks, ladies! They had it in baby blue too, but I'm thinking that pink is more "me".
  6. I sooo LOVE that color..AWE! CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!
  7. TammyD,

    I love your pink Celine Boogie!!! I haven't seen it before; hope you don't mind me asking, is it a very limited release (ie very hard to find item)?

    I love your outfit as well. =)
  8. I think it is. There were 2 at Celine Paris (along rue de Rennes) and I bought one of them. The other was on hold. I don't see it anywhere else. This is in glacè (ie. pebbled) calfskin, don't know if you can tell from the pictures.

    And thanks so much! Outfit from Zara.
  9. TammyD, thanks for the info. =)
    I love....love your bags (Chanel, Fendi, Celine, YSL, etc), you have really wonderful taste....

    I love pink & pebbled leather (find it easier to maintain than smooth leather), I hope I will be able to find your Pink Boogie in the US since I am not planning to go to Paris anytime soon. =) I wish I could though. Will be dreaming of it. LOL!

  10. No problem, bag.lover!! And thanks for your compliments on my bags *hugs*

    If you want this bag, I could try and put one on hold for you. PM me!!
  11. You can probably see the texture of the calfskin better in this photo:

  12. Thank you for another picture, it really shows the texture.
    Boogie is $1150 in the US, will it cost alot more for Celine to ship to US (will they do that)? I just sent you a PM, thanks TammyD. =)
  13. It will cost you to ship to US for sure, but the worst part is customs. They won't declare it as a gift because that means they cannot insure the bag, so once it reaches US you will need to pay your 5% customs before they will let you have it. The best bet is for someone to buy it for you and then have it labelled as a "gift". Hope this helps!
  14. Heya, Boogie twin! :love: Isn't the pebbled calfskin divine? My SA in Monaco tells me that the leather is meant to get even softer and slouchier with time, and it's the only one of my Boogies that I have to stuff, else it get creased while in storage.
  15. I am just in love with that color pink as well. Perfect for summer!