Celine Black Croc Phantom - is it still available?

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  1. Looking to obtain @ retail or less. Has anyone seen it anywhere? TIA!
  2. have you tried contacting aloha rag?
    they carry celine in store and if you email them they can let you know if they have any left
    i know they had one a while back but not sure if they still have it in stock
    good luck!
  3. Never have tried Aloha Rag - will try them as well! Thx for the tip!:smile:

  4. image-662492819.jpg

    They have these phantoms in BG store
  5. Oh thanks! I already acquired one but this will help others I'm sure. :smile:
  6. No problem :smile:
  7. Hi, can you pls tell me where you found one? i'm looking for black croc also
  8. A lovely tPF member happened to have her on eBay so I adopted her. I was very lucky! :smile: