Celine Bittersweet Large in Gunmetal

  1. hi, i know there have been several posts about the Celine Bittersweet bag in Pearl and White...but i was wondering did anyone actually purchase the large Gunmetal one from the NM site?

    it appeared on the site today again and at $495 i just had to grab it. but now i'm contemplating whether i should keep it...because from the picture it looks slightly different from what's on the Celine website.

    for example, the hardware is golden instead of silver; and the extended tab to close the top has no "celine" metal logo tag. below are the links and pics to compare:

    Celine -  Bittersweet Hobo, Gunmetal -  Neiman Marcus

    eLUXURY - Celine - Bittersweet Large Bag Celine

    i have no doubt of the authenticity of the bag coming from NM, so i'm just wondering if the Gunmetal one is an older version of the Bittersweet bag? which Celine later on modified the designs a bit to become what we see in stores NOW?

    if anyone has purchased the same Gunmetal bag from NM, please share your thoughts with me, and whether you have kept the bag or returned it. pictures would be greatly appreciated!

  2. thanks randr21 for your quick response. i have read thru that thread before. but i'm not sure if that answered my question...so you've received the bag and kept it? is it an older version of the design? thanks again.
  3. yes, the gunmetal from nm is the original version of the bittersweet. all subsequent ones from 2007 are new versions of the original.

    i definitely kept my bag, it's great. i bought/love it for the color as well as the shape. if you prefer one of the newer collection's color over the gunmetal, then go for it. the white one is very nice, as well as the lipstick...
  4. I think the gunmetal is fabulous, and metallics are so in for spring! And the price is phenomenal...I say keep it! It is a slightly older version, but who cares? The style elements of the bag--the handles and the slouchy kidney shape--are still the same.
  5. Hi snowtire,
    I bought the Havana Brown from NM and kept it, although I still haven't carried it!
    The hardware is gold and the leather strip that acts as a closure weight for the top has no plate, the end is a heavy Celine logo embossed gold metal piece. I aslo read in another thread that the new Bittersweet bags have 6 pockets inside. Mine has 2 -- attached to each other, one for your cell and a little bigger open 2nd pocket.
    The bag is NEW, NEW, still has all the wrappings and protective plastic on it. I guess this is the original Bittersweet? It certainly was a steal for the price!
    Hope that helps??
  6. thanks justonemore~ for the detailed descriptions. now i have a better idea of what the bag will look like when it arrives next week, so i won't be startled to find out that there are only 2 pockets instead of 6...haha cuz i saw the new 2007 version in store and loved the interior design.

    but yes, all of you are right. a Celine bag in great quality and nice leather, at a price like that, is definitely a steal! i hope it won't be too big on me, and i'll prob use it for work!

    thanks again~ ;)
  7. ^^ Did you get the bag? I tried to order it from Neiman's yesterday and got an email today that it is not available. :sad: DARN!!
  8. hey stephanie, i actually got the bag but it's still sitting in its dustbag in the brown box that it came in in. lol. i took it out for inspection when i received it and realized that it's WAY TOO BIG for me...argh, i don't know what to do, cuz i live overseas and it would cost a fortune to return it and it's just a lot of hassle. thinking of selling it to a local 2nd hand store (although it's brand new). but it is a beautiful bag, just like it's pictured.
  9. I purchased my pearl bittersweet on Monday at the South Coast Plaza boutique and they have a gunmetal one on their shelf. It had 2 inner pockets, Celine plaque on the base of the tassel on not on the end like the new ones. I work with Heidi and she is wonderful. Their phone# is 714 641 1315. Good luck and let us know what happens!
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  12. Apparently, my key got stuck.... I was trying to say, 'WOW! Thank you! You guys are the best!'

  13. the gunmetal color is cool!
  14. The Gunmetal is a very pretty color and even though it's an older version, it's still very nice especially with the price =) If you wear the bag on your shoulder, does it still appear "too big"? Sorry you end up not liking it.