Celine Bittersweet Large Hobo in Havana Brown @ NM AGAIN!!!

  1. Oh how i wish this was gunmetal!
  2. The leather of the bag looks very nice.... but i am looking for something different.. thanks for posting!!!
  3. Got it!
    You ladies ROCK!!!!
    I just saw this bag in another forum and was thinking ooh what a pretty bag. And then when I came over here I saw the sale link.
    My lucky day.
    Thank you so much for posting the link Snowtire.
  4. That is one beautiful bag! I've never seen that style before and it's a very unusual shape...Congratulations!
  5. no problem~ i'm glad a fellow tpfer got it! ;) enjoy the bag. it's very pretty~
  6. Thanks for posting. I rushed in and ordered one. After I placed my order, it was gone. I don't know if it's me to buy the last one. Hope it won't be cancelled :p
  7. Way to go, womanchild! Don't you just LOVE the people here who post these links! I've been lucky enough to get in on some, too, and there's NOTHING like knowing you're getting a gorgeous bag for 50% off!! Yea! Good for you!