Celine Bittersweet... it bag or indie chic?

  1. I got a Celine Bittersweet a few days ago. I fell in love with this bag when I saw it on this very forum. Thanks tPFers:heart:
    But today I went shopping in one of the chic areas in Washington, DC. I saw a lady carrying the Bittersweet in the exact same color, same leather, same stitching as mine. And I haven't even taken it out of the dust bag yet!!!

    Has this ever happened to anyone. You get the bag you think is so cool and then you see someone else wearing it before you even get to enjoy the "new car smell" of your bag?

    I don't know why but it kind of makes me want to find a new bag.:confused1:
  2. i am proud to say that i have never seen anyone irl with any bag i own...and i love it that way! i make it a point to buy lesser-known designers because first, i usually like them better, and second, i don't want to have the same ANYTHING that anyone else has :smile:

    that said...on your situation - if you love the bag, don't worry about it. rock it your own way.
  3. Well it wouldn't bother me (but I would give that person another look, a long, thorough look) - unless it was someone I know! I also resist buying a bag I like if I know someone has the same one.... unless it was a bag that was totally amazing!

    I get so pissed if a friend of mine / or even someone I see all the time (such as a coworker) has the same bag as me!

    I remember this incident where this friend complemented me on my LV Batignolles Horizontal - and then the next time I see her she was carrying it! All I have to say is... @#@$#@%$@#% :cursing:

    Then again - I could just be unreasonable - but since we are in a purse forum - I am sure there are people who feels the same way as I do...
  4. I think it is totally rare that you saw a lady with the Celine Bittersweet in the same color... This is not a mainstream bag. You have to be you, and to feel you. Don't worry about others. Just enjoy yourself. Every woman wears a bag in her own way. Just think of how many women own the LV Speedy. It's a great bag and it looks different on every woman, depending on her style, her grooming. Handbags are not a contest. They are not about one ups-woman-ship! It is about deciding on your style and enjoying it. Love the hell out of your bag, girl!