Celine Big Bag winter 2017

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    So this is supposed to be a cool new bag that is made somewhat like the luggage. It's called "big Bag" or at least that is what my Celine SA said. It is a limited piece and I had to preorder with a deposit. Hope I like it. The dark yellow pictured is the large and the medium is the burgundy. Comes in the dark yellow, burgundy and licorice. Medium and large size. Medium is a whopping 4500 due to how it is made using 3 full leather hydes of leather to make it.
  2. So interested in playing around with this bag!

    Can't wait to see your Medium Burgundy one!
  3. I only saw this bag on the runway. Can't wait to see your one. Even if you decide not to purchase or keep it, take heaps of photos and give us a little review of the bag if possible. It's unlikely I'll ever get to see the bag in real life. 3 layers of leather sounds amazing.
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  4. When I purchased my first Tie Bag back when it was released years ago, my SA (attempting to justify the $3800 USD price tag on my Tan Natural Calfskin), also said it was constructed out of 3-4 layers of leather.

    Can't wait to see this bag! I'm waiting for the Winter lookbook to be released before I make a preorder!
  5. Oh good to know. Good idea btw on preorder but it comes out in late August I think even though winter 2017. Will keep y'all posted but no doubt hefty price tag
  6. Thanks for informing me! Yeah the Winter collection usually reaches stores around then. I just want to see the entire collection before making a big purchase!

    Do post pictures or your BIG bag when it comes! The Burgundy one looked so stunning on the runway!
  7. Please post photos of your bag when you get it! I was quite interested in the bag because it looks like a bigger and more floppy version of the Ring Bag and i love the Ring Bag. I expect it'd weigh a ton though #RIParms
  8. Can't wait to see your bag reveal! Good thing August isn't too far away... :smile:
  9. So, my SA said she did not thing it would be too heavy....so keep you posted on that too. The ring bag?? Not sure what that is. Also, back and forth on burgundy or dark yellow. I should do burgundy I think....
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  10. Burgundy!!!
  11. I really liked this bag on the runway. I'm looking forward to seeing the pictures:smile:
  12. Can't wait to see it! It looks stunning, but what a hefty price tag.
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  13. These pics are from the purseblog. I actually really like the shape of it - if it were light and not $4200 and I'd be in real danger!

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  14. Agree! The price tag is a real deterrent, pity.
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  15. Yea, I am still waiting on mine and will keep you all posted on if I keep it!
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